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Article By MeChat Universe

October 5, 2021, 2:08 am


Shipping Policies are created by each individual digital property, according to their delivery methods provided. Refunds are handled by our refund policy

To facilitate a successful and expedited shipping process, please ensure that you have a secure delivery address submitted. MeChat is not responsible for any items sold by individual digital properties and will NOT cover any shipments lost in transit. NOR will MeChat, or its sellers be responsible or liable to replace shipments that are signed for at the designated address.


Delivery estimates

Sellers must communicate a delivery estimate to the buyer on your order details page or via email. If you miss your delivery estimate, MeChat may cancel payment for the order at the buyer's request. While not mandatory, we strongly recommend providing a tracking number to the buyer.


Adjustment for shipping, taxes and order modifications

You may charge the buyer an additional amount above the original order amount, to make adjustments for revision of taxes, shipping cost, and order modifications. The additional amount can be up to 15% of the original order amount, up to a maximum of $75. 

For example, if the original order amount was $100, you can charge the buyer up to an additional $15. If the shipping and tax amounts displayed to the buyer at the time of purchase are estimates and expected to be revised, you must indicate that to the buyer before they place the order.







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