iPhone 13 Rumors: ProMotion (120Hz) & Always-On Screens !

iPhone 13 will switch from LTPS to LTPO screens next year, courtesy of LG ...

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December 22, 2020, 7:19 am

Apple has launched the iPhone 12 series and now all eyes are on iPhone 13 series. Although it is very early to determine with confidence what will Apple bring to the table in next year’s iPhones, a supply-chain report from TheElec has indicated that Apple could possibly opt for 120Hz refresh rate on the next year’s iPhones.

This supply-chain report suggests that LG is gearing up to supply LTPO screens for next year's iPhone Pro models. This will be a switch from LTPS to LTPO screens. This screen has the advantage of variable refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz. This allows devices to have a better refresh rate but also save battery life at the same time. The battery saving is around 10-20% for this newer technology but also the ability to reach 1Hz, will also add up to better battery life.

This is extremely necessary as current year’s iPhones have 5G which is a battery hungry feature already and over the top of that next year a higher refresh rate would also add to battery woes for Apple. Thus, by utilizing LTPO screen Apple could potentially improve battery life enough to support both 5G and 120Hz displays at the same time.

Apple already has ProMotion (120Hz variably refresh rate) technology in iPad Pro models and Apple Watch Series 5, due to LTPO screens. This suggests that next year’s iPhone Pro models could adopt this technology and an “always on display” could also be on the cards. 

This would allow Apple to reach new heights of ultra-responsive and super-smooth displays, to match or even surpass, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra displays. The Android world has already shifted to 120Hz technology and now even mid-range Android devices support this feature, but this feat was made possible by bigger batteries rather than battery efficient displays (like LTPO). As Apple will not increase battery sizes significantly, it might achieve this feature with LTPO screens.

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