Facebook VS Apple: New iOS 14 Privacy Notification !

Facebook has launched a media campaign against Apple, regarding upcoming privacy changes in iOS 14 ...

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December 28, 2020, 6:43 am

Apple Vs Facebook fight is becoming interesting each day. Recent event is that the upcoming privacy changes in Apple’s iOS 14, will give users the option to either allow ad-tracking or completely block out any type of ad tracking for any app (including Facebook). 

This is due to the long standing stance of Apple that users should be able to control who gets access to their data. As Apple is not a company which runs search engines or a social networking platform, it is immune to what users might opt for. But on the other hand, companies like Facebook require such data from users to allow for more targeted ads, which would in return earn them better ad-revenue. The whole business model of Facebook relies on that data collected from users activities. 

This iOS 14 has again started the war between Apple and Facebook. The iOS 14 would require each app (which runs ads etc.) to display a privacy notification, stating, “ This App would like permission to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies…”

Thus the latter (Facebook) has launched a media campaign against Apple and is taking a stance that such practice from Apple will hurt the small business everywhere.

This media campaign is also disliked by some Facebook employees, because the company is hiding behind small and medium sized businesses in protecting its own interests. Furthermore, this campaign is run in order to get sympathy from the users.

Facebook has spent a lot in a fight against Apple regarding such changes in iOS 14, but Apple’s Tim Cook has just replied to such accusations by a simple tweet stating;

“Facebook can continue to track users across apps and websites, it just has to ‘ask for your permission first’.”

Facebook isn't going to win just by posting ads against Apple, the only possible solution is that if the two companies sit down and talk and may come to a suitable solution which works for both the companies.

Facebook should understand, that people have become more privacy conscious recently and in this fight, people are more likely going to side with Apple,

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