Android Smartphones to Get 3 Major Updates !

Starting from Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, all future Snapdragon smartphones will get 3 Major Android OS Updates ...

Article By Betallion44

December 21, 2020, 11:27 am

The iOS vs Android wars is a never ending topic. There are advantages and disadvantages on each platform, but there has always been one pain point for android smartphones (apart from pixel devices) which is major software updates. Normally iOS devices get 5 years of major OS updates but in the Android World that is a distant dream. Most Android smartphones only get two major updates, including the OS it comes with. Furthermore, the security updates also die down after a few months of the second major OS update in Android smartphones.

This dream is about to become a reality on the Android platform, as Google and Qualcomm have announced that Android smartphones will start getting three major OS updates, and at least four years for security updates to, patch any vulnerabilities and bugs.

There is a catch though, this update will apply to only Snapdragon chipsets like Snapdragon 888 and  all future chipsets from the manufacturer. This was possible by the project Treble from Google. Google was working on this project in the past three years. 

What it does is basically splits Android OS into two parts. One is like the main core and another is like the supporting core. Google will focus on main core and the manufacturer will focus on supporting core. The main core is what the major OS update from Google will replace and it will remain compatible with any previous supporting core version from the manufacturer. This way even if the manufacturer is slow in updating its supporting core, Google main core could be updated on devices without much effort.

This is a fundamental change in Android OS and it is intended to allow manufacturers to easily provide Android software updates without much hassle, and for longer periods of time.

Although it is still too early to say if this collaboration of Google and Qualcomm will work down the line, as 4 years is a lot of time and manufacturers could stop providing updates after two years if they intended to.

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