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MeChat Universe: Breaking It All Down

Run Your Business Online In the new MeChat Universe World Building game to become your own boss.

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

November 9, 2021, 2:23 pm



Introducing, MeChat Universe (“MeChat.Us”)

  1. Crowdfunding isn't an easy process to go through to raise money.
  2. Entrepreneurs are never confident in Recruitment.
  3. Everyone wants to “win“ with you, making it harder to make tough calls that disappoint supporters.

We could list another thousand reasons why 70% of businesses, and even more projects and ambitions fail. 

It's no secret that small business failure is common. It's well documented and innovative entrepreneurs and organizations like Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, and Salesforce have tried to capitalize by making productivity software, yet, year after year a lot of businesses are still failing. 

MeChat Universe is a Play to Earn, self-guided, 14 step, business simulation game that offers a new way for leaders to start their business, retain the communities they host, and level up with their supporters.

MeChat Universe is a fun, mobile, and sociable way to improve player’s Financial Literacy by giving them the digital space and flexibility to create their own worlds under their own terms. 

Additionally, players can opt-in to an annual in-game Tournament where they can win additional cash, prizes, and world-building awards.

Plus, to increase safety, MeChat Universe lets players opt-in to their Covid-19 status, so other players can quickly find and interact with players on the map with the same immunization or vaccination status as them.



So, How Do You Play MeChat Universe?

MeChat Universe aggregates FinTech, CRMs, AI and other software - all in one place to give players more flexibility, security, and control with their digital space.

Players use the space to partner with people from around the world who they believe can help increase the space’s property value. 

Or, in MeChat Universe terminology, players win “leads” to help manage digital properties and recruit vendors and talent who can contribute to increasing the value of a player's digital world.

Leads can join your digital property by scanning the QR Code assigned to each property and playing as one of the following, a: 



  • guest: users entering a world with no significant contributions, hasn’t followed the digital property, and no member role assigned
  • tourist: joined players entering a world with limited to no contributions to the digital property, and no member role
  • recruit: joined users entering a world with frequent contributions, but no member role assigned


  • talent: joined player who is officially recognized by other members in the world for their contributions
  • builder: a significant contributor
  • vendor: builders who are compensated by the digital property for their services provided, excluded winnings. Real-World businesses call this group, “employees“
  • contributor: joined players who believes in the Purpose of the digital world and wants to share in its success


  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • Property Manager
  • Tycoon
  • World Builder
  • Master Builder

By default, every lead enters MeChat.Us as a guest.


How to Contribute to a World

Guests will decided to join a digital property based on the team, strategy, and Purpose that has been established for that world.

If Guests decide to become a player in a digital world then they will: 

1. First, follow the digital property to join and get new announcements of content published in that world.

2. Contribute either:

  • feedback,
  • expertise,
  • time,
  • resources, and/or
  • money towards the digital property’s success, in exchange for a share of the winnings when the digital property achieve its Badge.

Players share in the winnings of each digital property in their MeChat Universe real estate portfolio

To protect players, MeChat Universe requires players to register the Purpose before guests can share in a property’s winnings. Only, digital properties with a registered Purpose can change the green background on the News Desk

To get started creating your own new world, Apply Today for free a free QR Code and digital space.



Why MeChat Universe is the #1 social game for employees who want to become their own boss?

MeChat Universe provides gig players with the basic structure, guidance, and tools to organize and simplify their business using their digital property. 

By focusing on Repeat Customers and creating hierarchal structures around their existing business‘s common interest, each entrepreneur player begins with a competitive advantage in world building.

However, any player can Apply for Free digital space and QR Code to try their hand at World Building.

World Building is the process of transforming a digital property into a sustainable, thriving digital economy with purposeful business sectors; incubators; and spaces for public contribution, including investments - all within their digital property.

Only MeChat Universe gives players the level of performance data, multiple streams of income, and onboarding tools to get  customers engaged in the digital worlds that you are building.

Plus as an added bonus, players in MeChat Universe gets to live within their Purpose, with supportive communities in addition to winning cash, prizes, and all-inclusive vacations with the Brands they already love to shop.

Apply now to get you free account to play MeChat Universe. 


How Strategy to Win

In a game of leadership, business acumen, and strategy, players explore their local environments to discover people who will scan their QR Code and become new players in their world.

Each player who joins a digital property makes contributions towards completing projects, milestones, and tasks that members publish to the property’s online New Desk.

For each accepted contribution, players receive world building points and ownership shares in the Badge level that the digital property is trying to achieve.

🛑 PLAYER WARNING:  Unless you are a customer scanning a QR Code at a physical location, NEVER SCAN A QR Code from a random stranger, unless the player displays an official QR Code from MeChat Universe’s official domain address, beginning with one of the following URLs:

Once visitors enter the digital property, it’s up to the members to have established the software, policies and content to inspire guests to join in the transformation of the digital property as you all collectively try to achieve each level and collect the winnings. 

As the value of digital properties rise, so do the winnings that is shared between each player who contributed to the digital property completing the level.  

To personally beat the game, players will need to personally lead a digital world to achieve the prestigious level 14 badge.

Becoming a Level 14 Master Builder signifies that the player successfully transformed a digital property into a thriving digital world - built around a sustainable culture, system and purpose of their choosing.

Ultimately, players main goal is to create a winning strategy with digital assets that players‘ family, friends, and supporters can all share in the winnings together, for generations to come.

Additionally, digital properties are encouraged to get a staking license or recruit players and worlds from MainStreet, U.S.A. 



How does MeChat Calculate Who Wins?

To protect visitors and players, landowners must first register a Purpose for the digital property before other players can contribute and share in the winnings. 

As an incentive to register a Purpose, MeChat also randomly advertises and list digital properties with a Purpose to players visiting MainStreet, U.S.A.  

After a Purpose is registered, players will need to use their leadership skillsets, business acumen, and contributions to help the digital property implement a successful digital strategy that drives up the property value. 

MeChat.Us calculates these values based on AI, business intelligence (BI), KPIs, Analytics, and visual statistics. 

For professional world building help, MeChat Universe offers professional services and life-lines that help players complete and win that level’s cash, prizes, badge and all-inclusive vacation.

For transparency, MeChat Universe logs levels, players performance, achievements, and business acumen on a global leaderboard as players collect winnings and World Building Points from the projects, tasks, and milestones they contribute to throughout the Universe.



Sneak Peak At The New MeChat Universe

MeChat Universe launches July 3, 2022, but you can Apply Now to Join the Waitlist, or PREORDER game property for earlier access to world building.

To help players progress through the game MeChat Universe provides standard automation and data collection tools to:

Using the results of the digital property data, digital property owners get real time visualizations to help them optimize their teams, strategies and techniques. 

In the end, when players are winning they are:

  1. Obtaining Financial, Land Banking, and Investment Knowledge
  2. Completing Property levels.
  3. Receiving their share of winnings.
  4. Feeling like a CEO.
  5. Enjoying their journey to become a boss.
  6. Owning a generational asset that generates passive income
  7. Plus get tools to turn former customers into repeat customers.

MeChat Universe, The World Building Game The World Is Raving About will launch next July 3, 2022 centered around using QR Codes to access players digital worlds.



What are QR Codes?

  1. QR Codes are digital hard drives that can hold a lot of data. MeChat Universe uses them to take repeat customers behind the scenes into your business and into a digital world that you narrate and control.
  2. QR Codes can authenticate entry for events, clubs, and locations
  3. QR Codes can improve workplace productivity and efficiency
  4. QR Codes are covid-19 compliant 
  5. QR Codes are transformative. 80% of orders, checkouts, and payment services will become contactless by 2024 (Gartner Report)


What is Digital Property?

  1. Digital Property is QR Codes with digital space that you can access from your phone’s browser. So nothing to Download!
  2. Digital Property is a digital asset so you can use it to make extra income in addition to your revenue.
  3. Digital Property is Yours! So you you have the freedom to create almost any world that you want.


How MeChat Universe Creates Global Synergy

MeChat Universe aggregates digital worlds grounded by a comprehensive customer retention solution to take repeat guests from: 

  1. Suspect
  2. Prospect (Widow shopping)
  3. Leads (No Sale. Customers scanned the QR Code but hasn't made a Purchase. Looking at your digital menu with intent to buy)
  4. Close (Receiving a Sale or Contribution. Winning Repeat Customers and reduce loosing Former Customers)
  5. Implementation (Diagnostics for your digital property and designing a solution to meet the the property’s need using its property data.)


3 MeChat QR Codes To Run Your Business Online

There are 14 economic levels in categorized by 3 property types that help players become their own boss, with confidence:


  • Digital property
  • News Desk for publishing content
  • Content Management System
  • Digital Wallet to send and receive money
  • Schedule bookings (an Upgrade)
  • List products
  • Sell products
  • Collect payments
  • Publish Projects and Tasks (an Upgrade)



$35k+ per month for QR CODE DIGITAL BUISNESS

  • MeChat Universe Welcome Box
  • CRMs to manage customer data
  • Customizable Back Office Management software to automate routine tasks
  • Digital Property management tools for Accounting and day to day bookkeeping
  • Get 2 free, level 1 software systems developed
  • Get Sales and Marketing Pipelines to enhance the effectiveness of your selling processes.
  • Custom Onboarding Form
  • Live in your Purpose (Registration Required)
  • Accept Contributions (Registration Required)




  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Investment Properties with all CRMs and Back Office Software unlocked
  • Get AI and Business Intelligence
  • Sub-Lease Your Digital Property
  • White-Label Branding
  • Custom login page for any Domain


Each property level’s underlying Technology:

  1. Digital
  2. Digital
  3. Digital
  4. Digital
  5. Digital
  6. 3D digital
  7. 3D digital
  8. 3D digital
  9. Virtual
  10. Virtual
  11. Virtual
  12. Virtual+Blockchain
  13. Virtual+Blockchain
  14. Virtual Blockchain+Metaverse



DIGITAL DATA and Industry Statistics


24 million Americans want to become self-employed by 2021. So having MeChat.Us’ automated, step-by-step, self guided business coach increases your chance of success 



Artificial Intelligence can increase your team's productivity by 40%


Entrepreneur Magazine, 75% of the brands using automation see ROI within 12 months.



Become a World Builder

Do you have the world-class leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and business acumen to run a successful business? Well now you can “monetize your expertise” and create new income around your existing workflows and business culture. Get the digital property and tools to design, develop and create your Brand, sell your products and win cash, prizes, and awards with your family, friends, and customers.



Become a World Building Developer

Love world building, design new worlds for others! Plus create Upgrade Mobile Checkout to Storefront specifically for:

  • Barbers
  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Cleaners
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Daycares
  • Event & Entertainment
  • Food Trucks
  • Freelancers
  • Handymen
  • Hospitality
  • Janitors
  • Landscapers
  • Leisure and Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Pet Services
  • Retail
  • Technology




Become a Digital Landlord

Are you influential? Then transform your digital property in to a digital world and give your superfans a Purpose they can rally behind. Get additional data collection tools to monitor your business and workflows, even further, end-to-end.

The top five small business industries for women include:

  • Bars and Lounges
  • Health, beauty, and fitness services
  • Food and restaurant
  • Retail
  • Professional Services



“Staking” Tenants

Generate passive income and generation wealth by leasing your digital property to other users who want to do business in your digital world.



Get A New Way to manage your business.

When we merged QR CODES with Digital Property we create a Universe of products to help you go from idea to IPO, or whatever your next level is. Below are some of the tools in MeChat Universe :


Accounting & Payroll

From bookkeeping to payroll, Manage the general ledger, accounts payable and rent payments. Most systems assist with bank reconciliation and generating financial reports.

Store Digital Contracts

Store Files and Get the deal closed quicker with compliant e-signing that’s saved in the cloud. Submit and track work orders, either from employees or renters, and assign tasks to maintenance workers.


Payment Collection

We remove the administrative burden and chase the tenant on your behalf for late rent.


Instant Chat

Build relationships and teams with your customers with an include mailbox for 1 on 1 messages and a Public News Desk to publish several types of content, including articles, podcasts, and projects and tasks.


Analytics With Comprehensive Reporting

Get real-time insights about your business. Retrieve, share and print KPI reports, work orders, invoices, and payments.


Monitoring & Alerting

Our algorithms don’t go to sleep. Whenever, where-ever you are get a live feed into the health of your portfolio. Send alerts to staff and customers email


Budgeting & forecasting

An inventory management system to record and display accurate operating budgets and forecast future costs and values, as well as account for consumer price index (CPI) changes, inflation and market rates.


World Portals

Connect every aspect of your business by offering additional Breakouts and software systems that your customers can visit. Each portal creates a new productivity, sales, or communication channel between you, your team and your customers.





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