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Common Definitions of MeChat Universe

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September 30, 2021, 11:11 am

Common Definitions of MeChat Universe

  • ORGANIZATION = one MeChat account. One organization can have multiple digital properties.
  • REGISTERED ENTITY (RE)= verified business with access to a Digital Wallet.
  • NEWS DESK = The parent digital space with a complex digital property structure. News Desks have a green background and contains multiple digital assets and components.
  • DIGITAL ASSETS = Customizable Components Newsfeed, Content, Outcomes, CRMs, Art Gallery, Storefront
  • COMPONENTS = MeChat Universe official digital assets that are included with any subscription, such as the Owners Panel, Search Fields, Filter Functions, Breakouts, etc.
  • BREAKOUTS = The child-digital space added to any parent-News Desk. Breakouts have a purpose background and are used to create dynamic organizational structures. Users can delete one Breakout and the other Breakouts will remain; however if users delete one News Desk, then they will delete all Breakouts added to the digital space. Likewise, If users delete one Breakout, users will delete all Breakouts created within that single Breakout; without effecting other Breakouts added to the News Desk. Breakouts can be Components and Digital Assets.
  • DIGITAL WALLET = A digital wallet for sending, storing, and receiving money. Also referred to as a Cash Wallet.
  • CRMs =  Online databases that automate the collection, storing, and retrieval of Customer Data, Contacts, Processes, Sales Funnels and Pipelines, Marketing efforts, and integrated Social Network systems.
  • OUTCOMES = Calendars, Gantt Charts, Kanban boards and other Business tools that facilitate project management.
  • OWNERS PANEL = The open and close panel with access to additional portals within the Digital Space.
  • MEMBER ONLY ACCESS = Users with access to MainStreet, U.S.A.
  • DIGITAL PROPERTY =  Collectively, the VIP level to MainStreet, the inventory, people, back office software, and other business automation tools added to your digital space.
  • DIGITAL PROPERTY OWNERS = Any user who rent, lease, or purchase digital spaces in MeChat Universe for a defined term.
  • STOREFRONT = Provide customers where they are with an online display that can sell products, services, and other offer external URL Links, similar to Amazon.
  • PROCESSES = Back Office automation systems and customer support services.
  • PEOPLE = Manage any use who joins your digital space. Set custom roles and permissions
  • METAVERSE = aka Miniverse. A miniverse is a News Desk with a thriving, multilayered modern economy, which includes Breakouts. Miniverses encourage diversity of niche by creating Breakouts for each sub niche of the RE’s target audience.
  • PURPOSE = The original reason that you created the News Desk. Your Purpose can be any project, business, goal, vision, innovation, or ambition.
  • CONTRIBUTOR: Users who contribute to a Purpose for the purpose of generating passive income from contributing to passion projects. To become a contributor, first, join a News Desk and it’s purpose that you understand and are passionate about.
  • QR CODE = A free digital asset that provides quick access into a digital space.
  • MAIL = Mail is found in your digital Mailbox. MeChat's digital Mailbox allows you to sync and exchange almost any format of digital mail such as: email, fax, DMs and instant messages - in one Place.




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