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MeChat Services and Key Features

All-In-One Software to Help Entreprenuers Think Bigger, Think Less, and Decide Faster

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July 9, 2021, 3:43 pm

With MeChat freelancers become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs become founders, and founders become more successful CEOs. 

MeChat makes it easier to scale globally with improved productivity, streamlined workloads, and achieve maximum results, with the right systems, processes, support, and teams of people dedicated to helping businesses increase their chances to succeed and grow.

While MeChat offers trusted advisors and consultants, businesses often use MeChat as a self-service, à la carte FinTech Messenger that offers select business processes according to the objectives that entrepreneurs are trying to achieve or automate. 

While many services for setting up your business are available during beta, when MeChat officially launches July 3, 2022, MeChat will customize and tailor each unique requirement, business system, administrative tools, community call to action, financial support, tutorials, and career development as necessary for:

  • Growth
  • Quickly reacting to market changes
  • Running a business full time with little or no experience in tax law, USA incorporation compliance, running a business, or leadership skills, and
  • Having peace of mind by setting the business up to run efficiently, on autopilot, while you focus on innovating and achieving the most optimal results.

Until MeChat launches in 2022, preorder users will get to test out Best-In-Class tools as they are released. These business tools include:
* Combined Workflows
* Dashboards and CRMS
* Sales Funnels and Reports
* Policies and Bylaws
* QR codes and Online Storefronts
* Inventory and Order Management
* Payment Processing and Invoicing 
* Basic Bookkeeping, Tax, and Asset Tracking
* Front Office Automation
* Back Office Automation
* Business Intelligence
* Business Execution Plans and Smart Revenue Recognition systems

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