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What is a MeChat Store? New Updates

8 Reasons Why You Will Want One.

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June 8, 2021, 5:58 pm

Clients login to MeChat to window shop and review News Desks (Business, Project, or Purpose) and their products. Watch the demonstration, here: View on Youtube.

MeChat provides you with everything you need to start or run a business, begin a project, or live within your purpose and provides the financial, managerial, community, QR codes, online stores, and payment systems to help you achieve success.

MeChat offers: 

  1. All in one Solution: Communication, Payments, Scheduling.
  2. Blogging: Give announcements, updates, and instruction .
  3. Lead Tracking: Measure where your clients are coming from: Website, Facebook ad, email, etc.
  4. MeChat Stores: Easily Join eCommerce without knowledge. Setup your store and start selling to customers anywhere.
  5. Online Payments: Accept all major debit/credit cards and bank transfers. Easily connect your stripe account.
  6. QR Codes: Clients can easily scan and access your Business, Project, or Purpose.
  7. Receipts: Receipts automatically emailed to clients after payments.
  8. Workflows: Get a visual 360 overview of progress and bottlenecks.

MeChat Store benefits includes:

  1. Free Account migrations
  2. Client Portals
  3. Payment reminders
  4. Work Anywhere Access

Get a MeChat Store now,


More About MeChat


MeChat is an online FinTech Messenger for window shopping multiple  businesses, projects, and purposes - all in one place.

As an aggregator of businesses, projects, and purposes, MeChat gives the trailblazing community the platform to utilize life as a resource and channel obstacles as a vehicle to accomplish objectives and goals in life. 

Use MeChat to get access to different worlds where there are more opportunities to test a hypothesis, start a business, or find like-minded people to experience life with. Use your News Desk to get the opportunity to learn and practice effective leadership skills with the ability to make mistakes and recover faster on your road to success.

As you experience growth, MeChat evolves as your life keeps evolving to keep you living within your purposes, achieving meaningful goals, and to master any journey for happier, balanced, and more satisfying Outcomes.

Go to to explore new opportunities, QR Lifestyles, and purpose.

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