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MeChat Roadmap: Top 10 Features MeChat Has Remaining 🚀

Become a MeChat Developer for early access to MeChat FinTech Marketplace, software that makes it easier to start and grow a business.

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July 22, 2021, 2:28 pm

Want Access to MeChat Faster?

The first way to create a MeChat Store ealier than July 3, 2022 is to submit your application via email to become a MeChat Developer.

The second way is to support the development of MeChat by preordering a badge or joining the waitlist by registering your business on

Additionally, Entrepreneurs can obtain access by:

  • being invited by a current member,
  • attending a MeChat Town Hall, or
  • scanning a MeChat QR Code to do buisness with a MeChat Marketplace Store.

Revenue goes toward hiring 5 developers to complete the below 10 tasks needed to save 70% of businesses from failing

MeChat will be open to the public on July 3, 2022  🚀 🌝.  The developers need to complete the following tasks before MeChat’s 2022 launch:

  1. Add the ability to Create Appointments easier with email notifications.
  2. Complete MeChat CRM to help entrepreneurs streamline growing their buisness by turning the people they meet into new opportunities with mutual benefits.
  3. Complete Outcomes to provide entrepreneurs with a way to get more organize, less stressed, think less, and decide faster.
  4. Create Super Admins, Admins, and Roles
  5. Create Photography package #37 to beautify Boards for a more enhanced, professional portfolio look and the ability to sell images directly from Boards.
  6. Finish MeChat Storefronts to streamline entrepreneurs retail, shopping, and tax collection.
  7. Create subscriptions, and automate the development for all 36 software packages.
  8. Complete the Process button giving entrepreneurs immediate access to multiple back office strategies.
  9. Complete landing pages for better MeChat education.
  10. Give Storefronts the ability to accept additional payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Pay Pal, Cash App, Zelle, And more.

After these 10 Features, plus testing, then MeChat will be complete.

Join thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, on MainStreet, U.S.A. only on 


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