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An Overview of Setting Up Your New World with a Functioning Economy that Makes Money

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

October 11, 2021, 9:53 pm



Do you wish you had the power to create a new world?

MeChat Universe is an online, world building, financial empowerment movement that provides self-guided business tools and software for members wanting to climb the economic ladder.

To meet our mission, MeChat Universe measures our software capabilities by:

  1. how many businesses we help start and grow from 0 to $30,000 per month.
  2. how many digital worlds generate over $30 million in annual revenue (ARR).
  3. additional Internal KPIS.

To begin creating new worlds or to start a business, users can preorder an empowerment course based on the class level and type of tools they want as a competitive advantage when building out their digital space.  

Plus, creating new financial worlds in your digital space is easy and gives you autonomy over your:

  • processes and systems,
  • type of supportive community they want to populate their world with,
  • software and business tools to manage their world,
  • banking, tax, and accounting,
  • financial destiny with self-guided, automated business coaching, and
  • streamlined synergy of systems for a fun and social course on financially literacy.



Benefits of Digital Spaces

With MeChat’s FREE empowerment software people can begin to pull themselves out of poverty simply by:

  1. setting up, organizing and obtaining assets for their digital spaces, 
  2. starting a buisness to become financially stable, and 
  3. participating in MeChat’s empowerment events, meetings, and workshops to help protect our economic freedoms for all members.

Plus, MeChat’s world building software is designed with attention to detail, corporate-regulations, and purposeful tools that will transform you and your whole team; including your:

  • founders,
  • shareholders,
  • executives,
  • front-line employees,
  • your most loyal customers,
  • your super fans, and
  • your Contributors.

Members use MeChat's software, tools, and proven business checklist to form their own business strategies and create systems for their new world that their customers, employees, and partners will access, follow, contribute to, and get rewarded together. 

Once the digital world is successfully setup, members will have a functional economy that generates passive income for all who contribute to its success, as the value of each digital space increases.

Builders also have the option to skip the course and subscribe directly to any digital space based on the class level that they want to join.

To ensure international banking and money laundering laws are adhered to, MeChat automates gauging demand, calculating digital world valuations, implementing KYC/AML policies and more.

Plus, owners of the digital space have full control over their world’s affairs and digital environment, including who can see what and who can access which components within the digital space.


Benefits of using World Building to engage your audience.

MeChat World Building is data-driven, so businesses can:

  • monitor the performance amongst employees
  • capture relevant data and put the strategic insights into action and reporting to help you see what’s working for your employees and where you need to adjust.
  • drive engagement to influence business results,  customers learn the best way to interact with your business, your products, your services and your brand.
  • insightful data that can help influence marketing campaigns, platform utilization and performance goals.
  • Every employee or customer interaction gives a better sense of where a participant is spending their time and what activities drive interest.
  • increase employee engagement to drive the company’s performance.
  • Outcomes make an employee’s job more transparent by making goals clear and easy to follow.
  • An employee is able to see progress on performance, receive immediate feedback on accomplishments and connect with co-workers through collaboration and competition.

Additionally, World Building provides BI that can also uncover other hidden benefits including:

  • finding the most powerful incentives,
  • revealing employee preferences,
  • illuminating the connections in your workplace, and
  • helping to transform your business into an agile organization.

How To Play MeChat?

MeChat World Building is similar to Monopoly, except every digital space has its own rules, regulations and conditions as set by the owner of the space.

Each month winners are rewarded with points and money for their contributions to the spaces they join. The players are called, “World Builders” and will need to make a lot of good decisions and possess decision-making skills to win the game.

To practice world building, users can always start with MeChat's Business Checklists where they can follow a step-by-step, self guided business plan or try different strategies depending upon one’s own preferences but they must ensure that they do not stray away from the framework of obtaining financial literacy through the game.


When are World Builders eligible to receive benefits?

Beginning July 3, 2022, members who preordered will start receiving real-world benefits according to their Rewards Schedule as they progress through MeChat's step-by step World Building game, which they can begin risk free

Until July 3, 2022, MeChat will be releasing Experimental Features and Designs for World Builders to try out.

MeChat appreciates your patience and feedback as we continue to develop world building features and world news for our digital universe and empower a new generation with economic freedoms, financial stability, and ownership of assets.

Preorder your digital space now to reserve your digital world today, or get started for free by viewing the latest Product Catalogue to see what software, tools, and solutions you will use to build out your world and it’s systems.


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It pays to do business in MeChat Universe. Ways to make money from your world

Without MeChat, your business is limited to how much it can generate based on its linear economies of scale; however when you take your business online using MeChat you get to build a new digital world with a functioning economy. 

Grounded by a physical business each digital space will have its own opportunities and revenue streams that can be unlocked by team members, family, friends and professional investors who join your new world. 

For example,



Once you have your digital world setup then you will have an easy to manage, centralized place to connect and build wealth with your team.

Additionally, you can direct your super fans from your social media pages, or have local customers scan your QR Code to join you in your digital world.

Once inside your digital space, your super fans can see free content, or pay a $10 monthly subscription fee to enjoy the perks, tools, and systems that you have chosen to enact in your new digital world.

Subscription fees are just one of many revenue generators that can help you monetize your super fans and offset any investment into enhancing your new world’s digital space.



To build as a team means to invite Contributors to help you create your new world. 

As another revenue generating feature is when your super fans and customers join your new world as Contributors to collaborate on the Projects and Goals that you publish and to help your digital world expand and grow.

Contributors measure the health of a digital world and gauges if your Purpose is engaging, profitable, and thriving.

To become a Contributor, users register with worlds they discover has a common interest and Purpose that they want to participate in.

Once a new digital world get populated with effective talent, Super Fans, and Contributors the new world will become self-sustainable as your Super Supporters contribute their:

  • time,
  • money,
  • resources,
  • innovation,
  • ideas, and
  • even cryptocurrency towards creating a healthy viable digital world around passion projects that suits them.

While only the owner of the digital space can setup a Purpose, together the owner and their Super Supporters will develop a strategy and roadmap that helps their digital world increase in value and reward their population as a team.

Also, Contributors measure the health of a digital world and gauges if your Purpose is engaging, profitable, and thriving. 

Passive Income from being a Contributor comes from:

  1. Performance: Based on your contribution to tasks, goals, and projects published to the News Desk
  2. Investments: Your direct monetary investments into the digital world.
  3. Revenue: Your contribution to revenue share compared to the contributions of all contributors.


Working as a Team to create a thriving economy

All Super Supporters will receive their share of Passive Income according to their MeChat account:

  1. How well the digital world is thriving.
  2. The value of the digital world.
  3. Each members ownership percentage based on their share of contributions, status, and other contributing factors that create fair compensation.



For additional documentation on how to benefit from MeChat Universe:



For a Step-By-Step Guide to Building Worlds on MeChat Universe:

1. How to Get Started:

2. First Time Logging-In:






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