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MeChat Key Benefits

MeChat Benefits for Leasing Space

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October 6, 2021, 11:51 pm

MeChat Key Benefits

15 things MeChat members can do:

  1. get a Merchant Account
  2. get more insights and metrics into your buisness
  3. join other businesses and digital properties
  4. use digital spaces to start a new business or opportunity
  5. increase the value of their physical business
  6. increase the value of their digital property
  7. build generational wealth with others
  8. live within their purpose
  9. sublease space to generate passive income
  10. receive dividends from being a digital property owner
  11. receive royalties from being a digital property contributor
  12. negotiate better distributor/vendor rates
  13. pick and choose digital assets to invest in
  14. managing relationships and measure performance of individual team mates
  15. build strategic connections and networks


Until MeChat launches July 3, 2022, MeChat will be releasing new features and removing others as we finalize the universe's final framework. 


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