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What is MeChat’s Customer Retention Mitigation

The 3 Free Solutions to Help Businesses Retain Customers

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

October 25, 2021, 1:31 pm



This documentation will show you the basic ins and out of MeChat’s Customer Retention mitigation service.

First, MeChat does not offer product or goods we offer digital spaces with mitigation services. Annual subscribers can customize their digital spaces to earn income, points, cash prizes, and real-world wealth. 

For additional retention solutions or to streamline other aspects of your business around the free Customer Retention system, users can select from over 36 mitigation systems to add to their digital space. Mitigation solutions can be found in MeChat’s 2022 Product Catalog.

In this short document, we will walk you through the basic ins and out of using your free digital space to retain your own customers, the benefits of retaining customers, and the 3 free systems that users have access to build their own customer retention strategy.


What is a Customer Retention Strategy and What are the Benefits of Having One?

If your business only captures 5% more of your loyal customers your business would see a 15% increase in lifetime value and immediate revenue. However, to develop customer loyalty your business needs to provide customers with a reason to choose to keep coming back to your 

when they can receive: X, Y, and Z from someone else (your competitor)

The go-to customer retention strategy for businesses today is to offer a customer loyalty programs, but the truth is 74 percent of consumers said product quality inspired loyalty, 66 percent prefer value for money, and 56 percent will repeat business with a company that has memorable customer service. (stats: KMPG International). 

MeChat gives businesses a way to offer loyalty programs, a high quality product with value, and continue customer service and engagement, even AFTER the purchase by offering your business 8 Customer Retention Strategies:

  1. Emotional Drivers so Customers can Validate their Reason for Choosing Your Brand: A way to personally discover and connect customers who are passionate about similar issues that you are passionate about. MeChat provides news feeds, a Purpose, and dynamic product pages so that you can give customers backstory and solicit feedback all in one place. 
  2. Business Management Tools to decrease Anxiety: Quit getting overwhelmed with the day-to-day of running a business. Setup your digital space to streamline business and get advice.
  3. A leaderboard that measures Business Acumen: From World Building Tournaments to display exceptional shopping experiences and leadership, MeChat acknowledges to the whole community, both VIP Shoppers who earned perks and VIP Businesses who has earned your business. Note: MeChat values digital spaces where customers feel unique and special.
  4. Fun Shopping Experience: Your digital space can offer customers an in-store and online, social media, and ideal shopping experience Enterprise solutions include alternate reality experiences that takes shopping to a whole new level.
  5. An Option to Preorder All New Items: Give your loyal customers exclusivity, by giving the awards and prizes for preordering your exclusive, one of kind, and new items.
  6. Expert Advice to Give You The Confidence of Being a CEO: From diagnostics to free tools such as the Concierge Box, mentors, BI, Analytics, and even your own news feed – each digital property owner can know the next step in confidence   
  7. Navigation: Shoppers hate wandering around stores aimless looking for products. Instead, like your digital space increase sales by store design, and use your Digital Storefront to help users navigate to the items they want. Free systems includes things like adding aisle numbers, while enterprise-level solutions allows you to build custom layouts of your venue. 
  8. Brand with a Purpose: When looking for a business they can be loyal to, New Age shoppers are choosing brands they can trust by either purchasing from brands they hear in the media, or purchase brands that reflect their values and beliefs. MeChat digital spaces gives options for both advertising and content marketing, with a Purpose your shoppers can contribute to.

MeChat is hiring for Preorder Sales Recruiters, learn more here

To learn how to use your digital space so that customers will receive optimal performance and service at every touchpoint of your business visit MeChat Landing and Footer pages. 


Getting Started

Aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and visionaries can signup for free on to tryout a digital space to streamline their own business for free by using MeChat’s built- in business management tools. For example, each digital space comes with its own storage, set of tools, systems, support, and solutions needed to for any business to begin retaining customers.

We can’t show you a system because each system is unique and can be only logged into by the owner, however Today I am going to go over the Free Customer Retention System and how It can be used to manage your business for optimal customer service at every touch point.

  1. News Feed: ability to publish documents that customers can give feedback and engage with the whole team.
  2. StoreFront: Users scan a QR Code built-in to your digital space. This gives shoppers direct access to a mobile checkout where they can purchase products and services. Shoppers also receive an Amazon-like product page to get all the info and specs they need to feel good about the purchase. 
  3. Member Roles: Add customers that join your digital space to different talent pools in order to give the greater ownership into the brand. For example, you discover a customer loves to write. You may give here publishing rights to publish articles or backstories about the brand to your news feed.

For more in depth views of each service, please scroll to the footer and click MeChat Education, visit MeChat’s News Desk, or login and search MainStreet for additional resources and documentation about how MeChat works.


A Short Walk-Through through the Galaxies

In an effort to promote our Customer Retention platform, MeChat Universe is introducing an annual World Building Tournament where each year we give out awards and cash prizes to MeChat World Builders with the most efficient, streamlined, productive worlds after a 90-day competition. Register now for early bird pricing. 

The tournaments begins with the registration of 1 million leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who believe they have the business acumen to create a sustainable, customer centric- business with a Purpose, within 90 Days or less.






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