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HIRING: Preorder Sales Recruiter

Join MeChat's Front Line with High Commissions!!!! Sell Business Management Software With A Purpose

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

October 5, 2021, 5:08 pm



$2,000 to $7,000 Weekly (commissions)



  • Excellent communication skills
  • History of exceeding sales quotas
  • Experience with prospecting and online research
  • Comfortable presenting/demonstrating cloud-based software
  • Willing to learn or have a deep understanding of analytics, KPIs, and sales and marketing metrics
  • Effective phone presence
  • Demonstrates leadership skillsets


Company Description:

MeChat Universe ( offers Business Management mitigation software for customer retention. However, unlike most corporate software, MeChat is fun, social, and profitable for everyone involved.

By focusing on customer retention, MeChat gives super customers the ability to invest in the startups they love to buy from. Rather startups need new equipment, hire a new employee, or make operational changes each business can publish a purpose that the community can invest into. 

Additionally, as a social management system, MeChat can also connect, retain and protect entrepreneurs and small businesses:

  • investments,
  • investors,
  • partners,
  • employees,
  • vendors,
  • customers, and
  • talent all from one place - the business’s digital space.

With MeChat’s digital spaces business owners and managers have 24/7 contact and access to their team members, goods and services, back office systems, and projects that they connect to their space. 

To upgrade their space, businesses can subscribe to MainStreet as a VIP property owner and get even more retention solutions bundled with their subscription.

When businesses take every aspect of their daily operations online with MeChat, businesses should expect improved synergy, efficiency, and an overall improvement in engagement and productivity. Plus, MeChat's digital environments work to retain customers for almost any type of product or service-based business. 

Join MeChat Universe now, a fast-paced, B2B SaaS company, where you set the pace of MeChat’s growth in the near future by nurturing prospects and cold calls into satisfied digital property owners awaiting July 3, 2022 for their digital properties and other digital assets to be completed and released.


Job Requirements

Every digital asset on MeChat requires a digital property to stake the asset on. 

Sales Recruiters' are required to meet KPIs by obtaining preorders based on the type of digital assets that businesses need to stake on their digital properties in order to protect their real-life financial investments. By default, MeChat digital assets are are designed to protect a wide range of investments, such as a business, a portfolio or project, by exploiting the natural synergy between the following 5 customer retention solutions: (in order of hierarchy)

  1. Select Digital Property Asset: The businesses' proprietary platform. Choose the type of digital property: digital space or digital world. One digital property includes the property, and all 4 other customer retention solutions.
  2. Select Membership Level: Based on the bundled services included with their digital property.
  3. Select Software: By default, this is the business's Customer Retention Strategy. What type of software does the business require for their digital property to increase their customer retention by 5%?
  4. Select Additional Synergies: All in One. One of your up-selling opportunities that gives the business the ability to improve customer retention at every touch point of their operations. Do businesses need any other retention strategies, such as Employee Retention, Partner Retention, LMS Training Systems, plus 36 more digital assets. To discover more Synergies use MeChat's product catalog found on MeChat's homepage:
  5. Select Personal Transformation Services: Do the business owner want a Purpose, leadership development, business coaching, or world-class diagnostics to help their businesses onboard, mitigate personal growth in the next 90 days, 6 months or year, or become an investor?

Transformative services provide the business owner with guaranteed, legally enforceable agreements tailored to the Business Owner, or, on behalf of the owner, to establish a separate relationship with MeChat Universe based on the owner's professional ambitions, intended lifestyle, and entrepreneurial development goals.


Business Requirements

Get preorders from businesses who:

  • Generates at least $30,000 per month in sales, or has the opportunity to within 30 days or less with MeChat's customer retention solutions.
  • Benefits from taking all or parts of their business online.


  • An entrepreneur or business generating or spending $1000+ per month in expenses, but has a Purpose.


How to Close

When a business owner decides to preorder a digital property for their customer retention or other business management strategy, sales recruiters shall return the property owner to MeChat's Storefront to complete the purchase for the digital property and the digital assets property owners selected.

*** NOTE: Ensure that you add your Recruitment Code during checkout to receive credit, or write down pertinent details for recruitment credit.



What happens after the Purchase?

Next, MeChat‘s Welcome Team will contact the client for onboarding. 

Sales recruiter's make occasional contact with the Point of Contact to establish a lifetime value between MeChat, the recruiter, and the digital property owner. 

An Account Manager will assist digital property owners with basic questions about setting up their digital environment for customer retention, until:

  • Businesses feel comfortable with using the digital space and its management systems to make sales, receive credit card payments, and conduct other online transactions using their QR code.
  • The discretion of the Account Manager to provide basic diagnostic services.



Job Duties

While MeChat offers businesses free digital space with 3 built-in customer retention systems, its recruiters role to discover additional mitigation, pain points, and touch points that can be solved with a MeChat digital property subscription. Recruiters get paid 7%+ of each preorder, starting with first sale. 

General preorder sales recruiter duties include:

  • Makes initial contact and develop relationships with service based businesses, vendors, restaurants, clubs, non-profits, grassroots, and small businesses. Also virtual office owners from Regus, WeWorks, and other co-working leaseholders who will benefit from MeChat's startup business tools to help power their businesses.
  • Qualify new leads by cold calling (75 – 100 B2B calls per day) / e-mail / social.
  • Schedule demonstrations online or in-person, as needed with an Account Executive. Always probe to see if you can get them to apply before an initial contact is over.
  • Follow-up through your referrals entire sales cycle from signing the deal to proper after-sales care, such as occasionally following up with point of contacts.



Commission pay: 
7% of annual preorders for Digital Spaces ( start earning commissions from first sale)

10% of annual preorders for Digital Worlds ( start earning commissions from first sale)



  • Sales: 3 years (Preferred, not required)


Work Location

  • Remote Working (covid-19/ Flex)


COVID-19 Precaution(s)

  • Remote interview process
  • Virtual meetings

When in office:

  • Temperature screenings
  • Social distancing guidelines in place
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place
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