HIRING: SALES Recruiter to get Digital Space Preorders for Digital Businesses

Join MeChat's Front Line as a Sales Representative with High Commission

Article By MeChat Universe

October 5, 2021, 5:08 pm

$2,000 to $7,000 Weekly (commissions)



  • Excellent communication skills
  • History of exceeding sales quotas
  • Experience with prospecting and online research
  • Comfortable presenting/demonstrating cloud-based software
  • Willing to learn or have a deep understanding of analytics, KPIs, and sales and marketing metrics
  • Effective phone presence
  • Demonstrates leadership skillsets


Company Description:

MeChat Universe ( is a digital economy with over 400 digital spaces already on preorder. 

MeChat officially launches July 3, 2022 and is now seeking: 

  • investors,
  • leaders,
  • buisness owners, and
  • talent

to add their goods and services, creativity, and projects to our digital economy by preordering digital spaces. 

MeChat digital spaces offer the software and tools to build wealth and a social platform to socialize and enjoy life, passive income, royalties, and the dividends with other digital property owners from your peer class.

Each digital space is connected to a free QR Code, a suite of business tools, and a Digital Wallet to:

  • start a business,
  • build a community around their business,
  • take payments online or in person, and
  • build generational wealth with others - all without leaving their digital space.

To become a verified VIP member users pay a monthly bundle subscription based on:

  1. The “Peer Class Level” users want to join.
  2. Back Office Software & Tools needed to manage their digital space.
  3. Access to Business Coaching and Checklists
  4. Self-Employed Services desired for their digital space.

When businesses take every aspect of their daily operations online with MeChat, businesses should expect improved synergy and efficiency to improve overall productivity. Plus MeChat QR Codes and digital environments work for almost any product or service-based business. 

Join MeChat Universe, a fast-paced, B2B SaaS company, where you set the pace of MeChat’s growth in the near future by nurturing prospects and cold calls into satisfied customers who will preorder a digital space for our July 3, 2022 launch.


Job Requirements

Get preorders from business who:

  • Generates at least $30,000 per month in sales.
  • Whole could benefit from taking their business online.

When a business owner decides to Preorder a digital space for their business, Recruiters shall return to MeChat's News Desk to make the purchase for the digital space or assets they choose.

*** NOTE: Ensure that you add your Recruitment Code during checkout to receive credit. 

Next, assist Digital Business owners with setting up of their digital environments until customers feel comfortable with making sales and can easily receive credit card and online payments using their QR Code. 

QR Code subscriptions range from $327 to $3.6 million and Preorder Recruiters get paid 12% of each initial preorder. 


Job Duties

General Preorder Recruiter duties include:

  • Makes initial contact and develop relationships with vendors, non-profits, grassroots, and small businesses. Also virtual office owners from Regus and Co-Working subscribers who use WeWorks who needs business tools to power their virtual businesses.
  • Qualify new leads by cold calling (70 – 100 B2B calls per day) / e-mail / social.
  • Schedule demonstrations online or in-person, as needed.
  • General Implementation: To get subscribers up and making sales.
  • Follow-up through your referrals entire sales cycle from signing the deal to proper after-sales service.


MeChat sells the following digital assets:

  • Digital Storage Space: The actual size of your space by Gigabyte
  • ($127+) Digital Space bundle: Peer Class Level, business tools, and business coaching and diagnostic desired
  • ($35k+) business coaching and diagnostic: We can diagnose what is keeping you or your business from getting to the next level. Plus we can design the software to help you mitigate the gap.
  • Enterprise Software Systems: Choose over 36 business tools to choose from, or custom design your own.
  • Peer Class: What type of people do you want to rub shoulders with?
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Customer Support: is Email fine, or do you 24/7 phone support or on location staff training



Commission pay: 
12% of annual preorders ( start earning commissions from first sale)

1.7% monthly bonus from businesses you register for a Storefront that are current Stripe Payment Customers



  • Sales: 3 years (Preferred, not required)


Work Location

  • Remote Working (covid-19/ Flex)


COVID-19 Precaution(s)

  • Remote interview process
  • Virtual meetings

When in office:

  • Temperature screenings
  • Social distancing guidelines in place
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place
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