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What Does Digital Land Consist Of?

FAQs of becoming a digital landlord in MeChat Universe

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

December 3, 2021, 12:59 am



When new investors hear about investing in digital real estate the first thing people asked themselves is, “What is digital real estate?

After a little research, the second thing people realize is that they can make real money becoming a digital landlord or world builder in MeChat Universe

Investors can make real money by buying up digital plots and parcels of land at wholesale and simply holding onto the digital property over time.

So long as they don’t sell or lose their digital property investors will always have a secure space to: 

  • make new investments on the land,
  • store and withdraw funds on the land, 
  • collect extra income without doing much, if anything at all.

The simplicity of becoming a digital landlord in MeChat Universe resembles the Hasbro Monopoly game structure, so if you have ever played Monopoly then you have more than enough experience to own digital land in MeChat Universe.

The mission, similar to Monopoly, is to buy and control as much digital real estate as possible.

To make investing more interactive digital landlords can purchase ownership positions in others' digital lands that investors discover throughout the Universe. 

Instead of duplexes, homes, and office buildings like in Monopoly, MeChat Landlords add software, store funds, as well as “stakeother users’ properties to create the infrastructure - all of which will increase the property’s value and pay out more income.

As successful digital landlords acquire additional infrastructure, land plots, parcels, worlds and planets they will amass a digital real estate portfolio that increases in value.

Likewise, digital land generates revenue the more users engage and interact with the property.



What can digital landlords do in their digital land?

Investors can manage everything about their digital real estate empire, all in one space - their digital real estate. 

MeChat Universe offers a greater level of control over your property‘s finances and digital real estate than most blockchain investment purchases. 

To begin, most digital real estate begins its journey as empty voids of digital space. However, most investors eventually intend to build up the property to increase the property's value and generate more revenue.

When landowners do decide to enhance their digital properties they can do so by adding tools to:

  • form a digital economy or business,
  • automate tedious customer service process of a physical businesses, 
  • divide the real estate into smaller plots for reselling each land plot, 
  • collect rent, payments, and taxes,
  • sell real-world goods and services on the property.

Plus, metaverse investments groups, such as Metaverse Group, will be able to eventually use their digital properties to buy, sell, and create various 2D and 3D digital assets, like NFTs, to sell in MeChat's MainStreet marketplace and in their digital land.

Plus, investors have direct control over how much their real estate generates and how fast their digital property pays income.




What do investors need to do to start generating income from their land purchase?

Digital real estate is like the oil boom, the boom, and now the cryptocurrency boom. 

For many, MeChat Universe is the first step in learning about metaverse concepts, building a real estate empire, and making extra income from digital land.

For ease of use, MeChat Universe has streamlined the learning curve so any investor can buy digital real estate, develop the land, and then generate revenue through the use of their digital land. 

Digital real estate in MeChat Universe appreciates in value like any other NFT, Cryptocurrency, and Wall Street stock - simply Buy and Hold and re-invest the dividends. 

Market factors, the real estate management team, and the ingenuity of active digital landlords throughout the universe can also effect your digital property values and Landlord Rewards.

Again, investors are NOT obligated to further invest in their digital property; however, the size and activity of your digital real estate will determine your payout. 

By design, all digital landlords will generate income as other digital property owners use their digital real estate to collect rent and payments, sell their land data, and start businesses on the land. 

Additionally, investors can start a business empire to entice talented users to help you manage the property or send money to your digital land, instead of sending it through PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, etc.

Overall, revenue generated on the property is owned by the landowner and there is no need to relinquish control of the money generated and stored on your land. 



How much can I make with my investment?

With MeChat Universe you don’t have to wish the money is real, you make it real, by owning the property.    

MeChat Universe digital land plots are valued according to their size, and others factors and so their is no guarentee on how much an investor will make.

While all digital property can appreciate in value, how much income a user makes in MeChat Universe largely depends on if the user governs the digital land as a silent investor or an active landlord.

Digital landowners who contribute to the development of their digital land will typcially generate more income than investors who simply buy and hold with no further involvement.  

Additionally, each digital property pays passive income based on its calculated property value, which includes any bundled services and added digital assets such as a NFT that makes title transfers transparent and decentralized.  

While some landlord Rewards are immediate, other Landlord Legacy Rewards take years to mature. 

Because of bundled services, property sales, and multi-functionalities, every plot of land in MeChat Universe appreciates or contracts as users spur activities within their digital worlds 

Regardless of payout term, with the certificate of ownership, digital land can always be traded, sold, or monetize for continuous returns for generations to come.



Can digital landlords do more than invest and build up digital property?

Each level of property comes with a certificate of ownership that provides investors with digital space, but also a certain level of perks, benefits, and world-building courses that teach financial literacy and how to utilize a digital property to become self employed. 

After investors have added infrastructure and other digital assets to the property, investors can invite their circle of influence (such as family, friends, customers, employees, and clients) to help manage the property remotely and implement a strategy to increase the property’s value.

For investors who want to learn how to become their own Boss or a certain level of financial freedom, MeChat Universe gives investors access to: 

  • wealth building videos, 
  • self employment courses, 
  • accounting software,
  • business management systems, and 
  • checklists to help build their digital land and live the life they dreamed of - the life they enjoyed when playing Monopoly. 

Invest in digital real estate today.



How do I turn my digital income into real cash in my hand?

When an investor buys digital property, they create a new stream of revenue.

Money stored in their digital land can be cashed out using the digital wallet built-into their digital property. 

A digital wallet is like having a mobile ATM. When investors push withdrawal, it will deposit their funds into the account that is specified.

Start investing in digital land today and become owners of digital land that generates real-life income for generations to come. 



Planets vs Worlds vs Land Plots - Which to Invest In?

Wikipedia speaks of a unique concept of property ownership, the “freedom to roam," or the right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes, and rivers for recreation and exercise.” 

In contrast, American property rights include the right to exclude others from entering your property, and so freedom to roam does not generally exist in the United States. 

While this exclusion is generally great for security and privacy of privates home, this can stifle innovation, economic growth, and new freedom that could have occurred on the property. 

Introducing MeChat Universe, where every plot of land can be utilized by more than one owner or business - creating limitless revenue and passive income on the land.

Like the 1885 Home Insurance Building in Chicago, Illinois which became the world‘s first skyscraper, MeChat Universe offers a vertical way to monetize multiple hierarchies in a single plot of land.

MeChat Universe multi-layered, mixed use digital land means visitors can come and experience various Breakouts and aspects of the digital world as if they were accessing separating locations in a shopping mall.

The digital land in MeChat Universe is divided by 1x1 pixels and sub pixels (parcels and plots) that Investors can purchase ownership of. 

To measure the value of digital real estate MeChat Universe uses the following land bank calculations:


 In one digital world, one parcel/plot can hold (aka “stake”) 160 plots. 

  • 325 lots = 1 real-world acre 
  • 1 real-world acre = 1 digital plot
  • 25,600 plots = 1 digital parcel 
  • 1 digital parcel = 1 digital World

Investors can also purchase one of 14 digital world packages that comes bundled with QR Codes and property management tools.




VIP Investors with access to MainStreet, U.S.A. can obtain Digital Planets. 

MeChat Universe divides Planets based on the average city size having 320,000 acres. Therefore, : 

  • 25,600 plots = 1 digital World
  • 320,000 plots = 1 digital Planet

As MeChat Universe continues to expand it will map out digital land rights for every planet, asteroid, and star in the universe.

***Unlike Digital Worlds, digital planets can only be purchased from MainStreet, U.S.A.




As of December 5, 2021

  • 1 real-world acre = 1 digital plot
  • Total digital plots = 40 billion acres in MeChat Universe 
  • Investors can invest in Fractional property ownership in other people worlds for a minimum $10 investment
  • If you monetize your digital real estate Digital Wallets requires a minimum  30% rolling reserve after minimum
  • Digital Land value: 

          $520,000 per DIGITAL PARCEL of land (annually), $3,250 per DIGITAL PLOT (annually)














MeChat Universe is continuously developing and is on target to meet our launch date of July 3, 2022. As of December 9th, MeChat Universe will accept preorders for digital parcels, plot of lands, worlds, and planets. 

Apply for free digital land today and get your spot in line to choose your free digital plot of land, or PREORDER ONE OF 14 LAND BUNDLES NOW, to skip the line and get a VIP spot with a QR Code and property management tools.


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