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Starting a New World From Scratch

Getting Started Building New Worlds in MeChat Universe

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November 6, 2021, 2:16 pm

Starting a New World

Once users decided to use their space to create a new world, they will need to first, register a purpose for your new world that citizens want to join. To register a Purpose with the community, simply purchase a Digital Space with a Purpose (generally, Level 2 digital spaces and up).

After your Purpose is approved, you will see the “Purpose Tab” on your Owners Panel. To get started, click the Purpose Value on the Purpose Tab to form a world building strategy that will create a functional digital economy around the Purpose that you registered. 

To get help with forming a strategy, World Builders can:

  1. solicit Contributors, from MainStreet, U.S.A,
  2. Invite their existing team members, or
  3. hire MeChat to provide professional diagnostics and help manage their world. 

The Purpose of MeChat is to create a solid strategy for users to monetize their Purpose either by themself or with help from others. 

Together you and your team can build a financially, functioning digital world that helps each contributor get closer to achieving economic freedom in their own life. Plus, digital properties with a Purpose are registered and so they have access to additional financial tools and perks. 

Plus any non-award winning digital property that has a Purpose registered can be used to enter MeChat's Business Building Tournament where digital properties and World Builders compete for cash, badges, and prizes.

When building up your digital property for success and world building, MeChat divides the property's mission strategy into three categories:

  1. Crafting
  2. Innovating
  3. Gathering

Which ever strategy you choose for you digital property, becoming a Contributor for other member's digital properties can be more rewarding and help you discover partners who specialize in the other two strategies that you do not. Having the right partners and contributors makes world building much easier. 

Members can contribute to as many digital properties as they can provide value for. Plus, you can receive passive income from the success of the the digital property based on your share of weighted contributions. Likewise, if your Leadership Score or your Team Player Scores contribute to the decrease other digital property's value then your share of winnings may be reduced or forfeited. 

Reduced or Forfeited winnings are redistributed back to the remaining Contributors or community pot.



Defining a purpose, creating a business strategy for a Purpose, building a team, and furnishing your space.

MeChat also measures the cost of time and effort it takes users to start a new business in order to improve startup to market deployment times.



Efficiently creating a sustainable Digital World, Laurels from making positive local change, Laurels from the World Building Tournaments, The world's ability to offer new experiences, concepts, and/or relationship.



Entering World Building Tournaments, Contributors participation in town halls, creating community rebuilding and service opportunities, and creating networking opportunities for your citizens.

While a digital business can be setup in a digital space within 90 days or less; how long it actually takes to build a digital world with a functional economy depends on the amount of effort users and their team put into completing the objectives and goals MeChat provides and the strategies they create for leveling up.

The economy centers around a Digital Wallet that users can use to dispose of unwanted assets or obtain new assets and services by making transactions with other users. Additionally World Builders can transfer ownership of their world, or put the digital space up for auction in MeChat's international trading post called, MainStreet, U.S.A. 

In addition to digital spaces, users have the option of adding additional digital assets and lifestyle services from MeChat's Product Catalog to achieve aesthetic and utility bonuses, as well as obtaining a competitive advantage for recruiting top talent and Contributors.



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