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How to Manage Your Own Portfolio

A DIY Modern Economy

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

September 28, 2021, 2:39 pm



How to Manage Your Own Portfolio

MeChat improves users odds of success and sustainability in business. The digital assets and properties that users amass on MeChat gives them access to real-world assets and perks within the MeChat Universe and the real-world. 

To be clear, there are no get-rich-schemes in MeChat Universe. Building wealth takes dedication, connections, and resources; fortunately, MeChat provides users with the right asset allocation and management tools to manage their own investment portfolios.

MeChat Universe is about building legacy wealth that will last for generations. MeChat caters to purposeful leaders that wants to enter new verticals at every stage of their industry, from:

  • Starting new age businesses
  • to becoming a vendor,
  • distributor,
  • financier, and investors who own assets all over the world - managed in one place - your digital property.

Until MeChat Universe, the norm for Wall Street was keeping wealth internal by “making the process of building wealth intentionally complex”. By creating unnecessary redundancies in authorization and delivery of transactions the average MainStreet person feels so overwhelmed with information and strategy that they will never even begin to take the steps towards securing their financial future. 

Now don't get us wrong, managing your own portfolio is highly time consuming, requires years of education, daily dedication, and a significant amount of wealth to actually generate signifiant returns. But, if you have MeChat then many of these challenges are simplified and mitigated so any aspiring entrepreneur can begin to build wealth through three principles:

  1. Simple:  Step-by-step wealth building instructions with the tools to achieve each goal.
  2. Fun: Gamified blockchain and cryptocurrency is the new thing. As digital properties increase in value so does the property owner's access to exclusive MeChat sponsored events, passionate audiences, and purposeful living conferences. Plus we celebrate high performers at the end of the year.
  3. Convenient: Giving you the capacity to manage multiple projects, business, investments and assets anywhere, anytime, and on your terms.



By using industry best practices, technology, and over hundreds of years of combined business experience, MIQ, and MeChat’s other Senior Innovation Teams and Committees are in charge of providing digital properties owners with the feeling of a real-world game of strategy, where you can navigate the people, processes, and systems in your life in order to successfully monetize objectives, win awards, advertising space, and as a leader in the community learn how to maximize your challenges and outcomes for greater potential, revenue, and wealth. 


Simply Complex

To help leaders strategize, MeChat gives your digital space 9 all-in-one tools to create even the most complex digital environments:

  1. know your business strategy
  2. assess the performance of your overall portfolio
  3. breakdown your portfolio into separate digital properties
  4. make the best use of the people, processes, systems, and resources you have access to and associated with that single digital property
  5. implement management teams to grow each digital property in your portfolio
  6. buy, sell, trade, and increase the value of digital properties
  7. allocate and manage project resources to optimize their portfolio
  8. make real time adjustment with the data to support their decisions
  9. optimize the value of your portfolio at every point in the timeline

MeChat also helps users calculate basic accounting and tax regulations for the revenue their digital properties generate.

By building synergies between digital assets, having a clear strategic direction, building an A-team, and strategizing using MeChat, leaders can use their own techniques and perspectives to create their own world, metaverse, or modern economy where they can live within their purpose and secure their financial future at the same time. 


With so many opportunities on MeChat to obtain wealth, MeChat provides QR Codes as an easy way to do business with brands that have similar interests as you.

In addition to QR Codes, digital properties are web-based and mobile allowing leaders to keep talent, contributors, and other members connected and informed within their digital properties anywhere, anytime - pandemic resistant.

In MeChat Universe the amount of time, money, and resources that is needed to increase the value of your digital properties are directly contributed to the Purpose that you choose and the businesses that you have in your virtual environments. 

Depend on a variety of factors including:

  • rate of return,
  • operating performance, and
  • Purpose efficiency

All Digital Property owners will be included in that seasons MeChat Leadership Tournament where portfolios manager, ideas, visions, ambitions, and passions are awarded for their executable objectives and outcomes.

Each News Desk gives contributors the security and transparency of a focused, coordinated, and sustainable digital property that can join and contribute to, feel valued, and build wealth concurrently.

Additionally, your portfolio increases in value as users add additional News Desks as individual investments of their overall financial portfolio. can add digital assets to help you streamline and automate managing your News Desk and to minimize expenses, fees, and costs.

For convenience, MeChat Purposes syncs with other components of the News Desk to:

  • help users select, prioritize, contribute to, and collaborate on multiple purposes,
  • streamline and automate managing your News Desk to include minimizing expenses, fees, and costs,

Additionally, users can addd additional News Desks for each Purpose they have, and to increase the value of their overall organization.


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