What's the best tea maker?


Article By Karl Poire

November 20, 2020, 10:05 am

Everything you need to know about tea machines
The temperature setting of your tea maker. 

Unlike most hot water fountains and kettles, the tea machine offers the possibility to choose from several temperatures. The choices vary according to the models, up to 5 different temperatures.

-capsule or bulk tea machine

Depending on the models, the tea machine can be fed via capsules or bulk tea. The capsules will introduce you to pre-selected flavors, while the bulk is more for connoisseurs, because they choose the aromatic palette of their tea. It should be noted that the capsule machine is more limited in terms of choice, it is fully automated and does not require any particular knowledge regarding the duration of infusion or temperature: she takes care of everything. The power and capacity are intimately linked. The larger the volume of your tea machine, the more powerful it will have to be. To heat a large quantity of water, a good power is required, usually beyond 1000 W    if your container exceeds 1 liter. We will see in this article some examples of tea machines.

1-Bosch Filtrino THD2021

This tea maker has a design similar to coffee machines and blends perfectly with contemporary decorations. It offers its consumers a wide range of temperatures (from 70 to 100), without requiring any preheating. This last element is very important, because it allows to heat your tea faster and thus gain energy. The 1600 W power output of this unit is also significant, and increases the speed of heating. His bonuses: it acts as a filter water fountain and offers the possibility to choose the quantity of water.

2-Krups T.O by Lipton

Unlike its neighbor, the Krups T.O by Lipton is a capsule machine. It offers the promise of a tasty and quickly prepared tea. Thanks to a specific technology, the infusion bubble, it can release the aromas of your drink better. Furthermore, the use of this tea machine is very simple, because it calculates the right temperature for you, while letting you customize the length of the infusion (5 levels). The control buttons are very intuitive. Finally, the T.O by Lipton is quite fast, with a preparation time of about two minutes.

3-Special Krups MASTER YY4125F

This very clever model has a capsule recognition system, allowing you to automatically adjust the temperature of the water and the infusion time needed for your drink. Its speed of heating, obtained thanks to an ingenious technological device, is appreciable. His little plus? The Latte function offers you milk tea. It is also worth noting the large capacity of this tea machine, which can serve almost 8 cups.

4-Riviera & Bar Cha Dao BTH860

The user has very little to do to get his drink with this machine: put your tea in the basket, program the device and the Cha Dao BTH860 takes care of the rest. It has five programs: green, dark, smoky, infusion and black, each associated with a temperature and a duration of infusion. If you wish, you can adjust the strength of the tea without any risk of distorting the taste of your drink, as the infusion stops beyond a certain threshold. In addition to this, the good capacity of this 1.5 L tea machine. Its function keeping warm.





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