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Article By Karl Poire

November 30, 2020, 9:12 am

What is mowing a horse?

As winter approaches, our four-legged companions’ coat becomes more dense, allowing them to fight against the cold and humidity. Then a question arises, should I mow my horse? With the help of an electric mower, it is necessary to cut to the ground part or all of the coat of his horse.

When should we mow the horse?

In general, one shanks one’s horse when it produces its winter hair. But some horses are mown all year round.

Do you have to cover a mown horse?

No, some partial shearing, such as apron shearing or line shearing, allow you not to cover the horse while enjoying some of the advantages of shearing.

Information on mowing

Thinning a horse requires a certain technique as well as high-performance equipment if you want an aesthetic result. There are all kinds of mowers, wireframe or battery, large for the body and small for the head and bone areas. Finally, mowing takes time, count several hours for a complete mowing. Some horses can be nervous during shearing. The noise of the mower, the movement of the machine over sensitive areas, the fact of staying at the attachment are stressors. It is sometimes even necessary to administer a sedative to calm the horse.

The reasons for mowing

One wonders if the advantages of mowing are greater than the disadvantages. So the question is, why mow your horse and what are you going to have to do to replace your natural coat and keep it from getting cold or hot? When working a horse, he sweats and if his hair is thick; it takes a while for it to dry. It is at this point that hair poses a risk to the horse. If exposed to wind, it can catch cold and get bronchitis, rhinopneumonia or other diseases.

Thunder according to his horse

If a horse is working regularly, mowing can dry the horse more quickly and avoid cold blows. The majority of sports horses are mown in this vocation and also in aesthetic concern. However, one must be able to compensate for the natural thermal protection of the hair with one or more covers and kidney covers at the beginning and end of the work. If this exercise is mastered, there is no problem for the horse and one can mow. Just make sure it is never too hot or too cold and adapt the blankets to the temperature change. You become a weather pro. If a horse is in the park, or if he does not engage in regular physical activity, it is common to leave his natural hair. He regulates his body heat and grows his hair. However, if it is wet in the rain and is outside, it is recommended that it be provided with shelter to protect itself from the winds and cold. Hair is not always easy to maintain; so you have to allow time to brush it. Finally, you must be sure that the horse is dry before returning it to the park or the box.


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