Top 10 aquarium fish


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November 28, 2020, 10:20 am



Top 10 aquarium fish

Aquarium fish are becoming more and more popular. This is not surprising, because this colorful underwater world is not only fascinating, but it is also a soothing and relaxing haven in our lives at 100 an hour. But which fish are best for your aquarium? We present the 10 most popular freshwater fish and their characteristics. The choice of the most beautiful and most suitable fish for its aquarium can quickly become complicated, especially for beginner aquariophiles. Aquarium types are as diverse as the types of fish that inhabit them. There are hundreds of different types of fish on the market, and not all of them will be suitable for your aquarium. Food, plant, light, water quality and temperature requirements vary from fish to fish and must be taken into account when choosing your different fish. Also, you must first ensure that the selected ornamental fish types get along well with each other. Here are the ten most popular ornamental fish for your freshwater aquarium, and good reasons to include them in your selection.

1-The guppy: number one aquarium

This freshwater fish from the Caribbean is without a doubt one of the most famous aquarium fish. The guppy is considered not very demanding and is therefore ideal for novices in aquariophilia. This colorful ornamental fish, which can measure up to 5 cm long, lives in a bench in nature, and must therefore also live in a small group in an aquarium. The guppy also gets along well with other types of fish, including corydoras paleatus. Guppies reproduce very quickly, and they accept both dry and live food.

2-Blue neon: the colorful charmer

With its bright red and bright blue stripes, the blue neon light draws the eye in any aquarium. These small freshwater fish from the Amazon are only comfortable when they live on a bench, so they must share their aquarium with at least 10 of their congeners. The more, the better. Their aquarium must contain at least 60 liters of water, but again, the bigger it is, the better.

3-The platy: sociable fish

Like the guppy, the platy belongs to the family of viviparous poeciliids. The small platy, which is native to Central America, is a very sociable ornamental fish, who likes to swim with his group near the surface of the water. This popular ornamental fish can have many different colors, and it is ideal for beginners in aquariophilia, as it is easy to breed.

4-Black Molly: the elegant black fish

Black Molly is the domestic and black version of Molly, which lives in Central and South America. After crossing with different species, black Molly developed different types of fins. Thus, there are today black Mollys with a small round dorsal fin, with an elongated dorsal fin or with a sail fin. These 6-10 cm black ornamental fish are considered robust and easy to maintain, but they love heat and can sometimes be sensitive to fluctuations in water temperature or degree of hardness.

5-Corydoras paleatus: a friendly and sociable barbillon fish

Another popular ornamental fish is corydoras paleatus, or peppercorydoras. Unlike their close relatives the catfish, the corydoras paleatus do not like loneliness and must at least live in pairs in an aquarium. One of the peculiarities of this fish is the presence of barbels on each side of its mouth, with which it detects odors and likes to explore the ground.

6-The discus: the king of aquarium fish

The discus owes its name to its form: like a floating record, this colorful ornamental fish glides through the underwater world and delights young and old. However, it has rather high water quality requirements, as it is very sensitive to infections by bacteria and parasites. If you really want to add discus to your aquarium, you should always keep your water clean and free of germs.

7-The Siam fighter: the aggressive macho

The Siam fighting fish, native to Cambodia and Thailand, is one of the most colorful fish of the Anabantoidei family. In the wild, it is naturally brown-red. Since it was domesticated, we find many other colors that go from red to blue through black, with fins at least longer and colored. The somewhat provocative name of "fighting fish" refers to the aggressive behavior of males between them. Rivals attack, tear their fins apart and fight to the death. So you don't have to have two fighting males in the same tank. Siam's fighting fish is more peaceful towards females and other fish, but still, find out about the socialization of the fish before mixing it with other species.

8-Scalar: the star shaped like an arrow

The scalars are distinguished by their appearance of arrow, which they owe to their long fins. In addition to their unusual shape of arrow or triangle, scalars also seduce by their size. The scalars reach a length of 15 cm and a height of up to 25 cm. Their aquarium must be of sufficient height to contain them at their adult size. With regard to water and food, however, scalars, which belong to the cichlid family, have few requirements and are rather easy to maintain.

9-The ramirezi: the soft but demanding fish

The dwarf cichlid of Ramirez, also called ramirezi, is a very mild fish, and should not be mixed with too bright or aggressive species. In their original habitat, the plant-rich waters of Venezuela and Colombia, they generally live as a couple, and both take care of the brood in the same way. The ramirezi must always live in pairs, a male and a female, including in an aquarium.

10-The zebrafish: a classic for aquarium fish

Strong zebrafish enjoy great popularity among aquariophiles around the world. Even aquarium beginners will have no trouble caring for these easy-to-maintain ornamental fish, which are compatible with many other freshwater fish species. This 5 cm long fish owes its name to its dark blue vertical stripes. Small fine fish live in a bench and enjoy elongated aquariums with a slight current.



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