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What is MeChat FinTech Universe?

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July 23, 2021, 7:26 pm

What is the MeChat Universe?

MeChat quite simply, is an app for building a successful buisness.

MeChat gives entrepreneurs the tools to open a successful business that last, fix a failing business or team, and rebuilds distressed businesses and communities. When the tools needed doesn’t exist in MeChat’s business arsenal, then MeChat hires world-class skillsets to invent it, or we will partner with our subscriptions who have verified News Desks.

When it comes to empowering entrepreneurs to make and accept payments, MeChat is integrated with Stripe. Also, users pay 8% Service fee during any checkout in the marketplace, and 0% to trade tokens with other users.

Users can use MeChat tokens to make purchases at Storefronts on MainStreet U.S.A., and at participating stores that use MeChat Codes. Additionally, with tokens, entrepreneurs can add their products and start selling without connecting to stripe.

With MeChat tokens all corresponding funds, minus fees, exists in locked escrow accounts; therefore no money is physically swapped until a user pushes “Confirm Swap” to convert tokens into cash, swap those funds from escrow, and deposit funds into their Stripe approved bank account - automatically.


Join MeChat FinTech Universe now to start, grow, and fix your businesses for success.

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