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What is MeChat

The Best Way to Supercharge Growth In a Business

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June 24, 2021, 4:48 pm

Key Points

  • MeChat offers the World’s Fastest Growing Online Mall dedicated to helping creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses survive.
  • MeChat FinTech Messenger simplifies business ownership
  • MeChat connects entrepreneurs to  likeminded business owners

MeChat is where Financial Technology and social marketplace comes together to form the world’s first FinTech Messenger.

MeChat is an early sales FinTech created in 2021, that offers end to end software to streamline, via automation, all of a business’s back office processes into one place.

MeChat helps save 70% of businesses from failing by automating the routine tasks that entrepreneurs find the most challenging, such as how to start a LLC, Data collections, taking payments, tax preparation, and others

In addition, as a messenger, MeChat also offers businesses social networking features, calling features, online banking, group chats, messaging, shopping, and mobile orders without leaving the application, to further streamline their business for success and growth.


How Does it Works?

MeChat is a *FinTech Messenger that uses the internet and proprietary, online **News Desks to help businesses reach new customers and streamline business operations related to billing, data collection, and internal and external communications. 

The service is similar to China's $700 Billion WeChat super app, except MeChat is a US-based application and focuses on all aspects of convenient commerce and growing a business. 

MeChat officially launches July 3, 2022, however the platform already has hundreds of badge preorders, including from top Atlanta restaurants, vendors, and retailers seeking to:

  • Think less during business growth
  • Streamline the process of procuring, evaluating and engaging vendors
  • Securely access their data from anywhere, anytime, with limited to no interruption to service

With these three trends in mind, MeChat provides businesses with:

  1. Visual overviews of their business processes and infrastructure in real-time.
  2. Quickly re-align with their business model and culture.
  3. Several data and payment safegaurds to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company data.

Key features of MeChat FinTech Messenger includes:

  • Online stores for online ordering
  • QR codes for selling in person
  • Newsfeeds for community Building
  • Activity Calendar
  • Automated Alerts
  • No-Reply All group notifications
  • Task Managers and Calendars
  • Sales Pipelines and Productivity Workflow tools
  • ***Breakouts to Manage Organize Structures with a Birdseye View
  • ****Main Street Online: The ability to Join Other Members Businesses and Projects for New Opportunities

As MeChat continue to onboard vendors MeChat will begin to host Town Halls, create cryptocurrency clubs, plan lifestyle amenities  and offer self-employees benefits that vendors can take advantage of. Collectively, MeChat and our universe of vendors, customers, and investors will form a Main Street bargaining unit that will protect all members Financial, Professional, and Blockchain investments. 

Currently, MeChat plans on onboarding their first 100 vendors and up to 10 organizations, who preordered, to begin Beta Testing MeChat QR Codes and MeChat Stores starting September 1, 2021. 


ARE YOU A VENDOR? Try MeChat For Free

Stop loosing freedoms working for your business and make your business work for you. Grow your business now on MeChat and enjoy the freedoms that comes with growing your legacy, only on MeChat.

Grow your business with MeChat today and get 90 days free to run your business using MeChat.

MeChat Beta Participants will receive:

  •  Early Access to MeChat Online Stores, QR codes and more
  •  Give valuable input to shape MeChat the way you want it
  •  Get free payment processing using Stripe 
  • Create Unlimited News Desks
  • Free Access to Main Street Online 


Get your News Desk now, only on

Click here to learn more about how you can Use MeChat to Run and Grow Your Business



*FinTech Messenger (Financial Technology) : A messenger that communicates the financial and technological growth of your company.

**News Desk: A News Desk is a single, centralized directory and intranet to manage all your suppliers, distributors, customers, media, and vendors in one place. Users recognize News Desks by their green backgrounds. 

***Breakouts: Subgroups to News Desks that you define based on your organizational hierarchy, vendors, and clients requirements. For example, In order to streamline procurement, send and receive RFPs, organize and track POs, adjust production and the number of SKUs, and keep your business processes in order, simply add Breakouts to your News Desks. Users recognize Breakouts by their purple backgrounds. 

****Main Street Online:  Main Street is a centralized World Hub where users interact with multiple vendors, contributors, and financiers in one place. Without Main Street Online users can only access the one News Desk that they login to. Main Street Online has a blue background



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