Steps to take after sexual assault

Article By Jayjay

February 3, 2021, 3:02 am

Photo: Courtesy
The many times that I have been able to help- the girls and recently boys that have been sexually assaulted are because of the evidence tabled. One, I know that after a sexual assault episode the state of clothes or physical demeanor is not pleasant to the eye but, that is what is needed in order to bring the culprit to book.
i. Do not wash away anything!!
Yes, you heard me right do not wash away as that largely gets rid of most of the evidence.
ii. Call for help
Call neighbors or friends or if you are outside our country where police service is reliable, call 911 and request for preferably female officers to come to get you. Remember to cover yourself with something light like a wrapper or bed sheet but DO NOT WASH AWAY!
iii. Go to the hospital and involve the police
Once you are out of the house, if it is in Kenya, you will file a report whereby they will give you a go-ahead to go and be examined. However, if you are bleeding profusely, FIRST go to the hospital, EXPLAIN CLEARLY what happened and have them write a report for you with detailed information on your state. At this point, you can also have the police come down and witness the level of assault and take a statement from you. Once this is done, please for your own good, take up counseling/therapy to help you heal.
iv. Brave up
The next few months as you pursue the case will not be easy, remember as a member of the community, people will have opinions especially here in Kenya. At times the victims are labeled as bad, options to settle the issue in a family setting are given, and shame is attached to rape. So, girl or boy, man or woman, you need to brave up, grow a thick skin and, face every day as it comes.

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