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What does it mean to streamline a startup? Go from Startup to IPO

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July 23, 2021, 10:36 am

Want to worry less and create a successful company much easier? 

Transform your startup by taking control of your buisness with MeChat. MeChat is a FinTech Marketplace that provides the tools to drive up your startup’s valuation by streamlining your business to appeal to buyers and investors that use MeChat to evaluate businesses.

To ensure your business is setup and streamlined correctly for growth and funding, MeChat FinTech Marketplace will help entrepreneurs start, grow, and fix their startup without taking dilutable interest in the business. 

Join MeChat FinTech Marketplace now and unlock your business’s full potential. Unlike Spotify and Amazon which focus on distributing products, MeChat is where you:

  • purchase Back Office software to move your buisness online,
  • unite clients and teams,
  • set goals to focus, monitor sales growth, and
  • join other shops for customer service, commerce, and collaboration.

With MeChat your whole team will be on a path towards success, entrepreneurs will be able to obtain a valuation for their startup, and get access to a number of financing options, on the way to an IPO.

If interested join millions of other entrepreneurs, startups, and MainStreet businesses on the waitlist by registering your business on Early signups get a free QR code and smart menu for their Storefront.

To get access to MeChat early, preorder a badge to become a Beta tester and try out experimental features before the launch.



How we do it

With MeChat, entrepreneurs do not have to understand the meaning of financial statements such as balance sheets and cash flow statements, MeChat calculates earnings and several other factors for you in order to make an accurate estimate of a Storefront’s value.

When shop valuations are low or entrepreneurs get stuck because they don’t have the knowledge themselves,  MeChat software and concierge service can assist business owners in finding the right support and strategic connections and help with their daily tasks.

MeChat helps startups know exactly what their goals are, how they are going to achieve them, what resources will be needed, and how long it will take you and each team member to reach that specific goal.

To distinguish your product from competitors MeChat provide entrepreneurs with a public News Desk and proprietary newsfeeds to deliver news, announcements, and blog about what your customers and clients should know and  what to expect from your company.

We also do offer lucrative partner programs where being a promoter or aggregator of vendors or businesses can earn you high commissions.

Join MeChat FinTech Marketplace now to start, grow, and fix your businesses for success.


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