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MeChat Seeks to Raise $3M to Build its FinTech Messenger-as-a-Service

All-in-one platform to help healthy businesses grow and failing businesses become healthy

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June 20, 2021, 12:09 pm

ATLANTA, June 20, 2021 /MECHAT/ -- MeChat, a web-based FinTech Messenger streamlines business operations so creatives, entrepreneurs, vendors and and Main Street business owners can think less, reach more customers, and grow their businesses, today announced their search for a $3M Seed partner for 3% ownership of MeChat.

This new investment, which will be used to grow MeChat team and fuel growth in the FinTech market. The new investment will bring the company's total funding to $3.5M.

MeChat adds a level of protection for members investments by delivering real time data, business intelligence, and automation that get businesses unstuck by standardizing and automating both routine and complex business processes.

"MeChat provides Main Street with the same type of decision making cheat codes that Wall Street uses…” 

“Any leader striving for greatness needs to make important decisions every day. MeChat provides creatives, entrepreneurs, and Main Street business owners with the same type of decision making cheat codes that Wall Street uses to think faster, streamline business operations for efficiency, and supercharge growth.” said Antonio James, MeChat's Founder. ”Except for fewer employees, assets, and sales small companies need more data, better analytics, and a clearer understanding on how to mitigate risks like big businesses in order to succeed.”





MeChat seeks to decrease business failure rate by equipping business with enterprise-level decision making systems for ambitious growth. While no solution is perfect, MeChat gets close by working with businesses to craft tailored made solutions that address each companies unique requirements.

If businesses need help discovering the pain points and areas of need, then MeChat offers a $35,000 Diagnostics to provide world class needs-analysis of your business, with the most current and complete performance data that has shown to increase growth.

MeChat doesn’t officially launch until July 3, 2022; however preorders have  increased by 300% from business owners seeking ambitious growth but want to think less also. MeChat provides a visual 360 view of your business top-down and provides communication channels for bottom-up employee engagement. With a clear view of their business, vendors can easily review all aspects of businesses to to see all possible outcomes more clearly, including problems and threats in the big picture, tasks, and consequences, and then compare those to the overall benefits, outcomes, and risk tolerance of taking action. 

“MeChat is excited to bring onboard a partner who can help us reduce business failure and supercharge their growth by giving them the ability to make good business decisions quickly,” Antonio. MeChat, announced today that they have raised $135,00 in 6 days. The investments are used to grow MeChat team and complete the required to successfully launch MeChat July 3, 2022.


Looking Ahead

While current MeChat features include CRMs, QR Codes, MeChat Stores, and a World Chat the future of MeChat includes implementation of alternative credit reporting and the decentralization of global payments.

By integrating smart contracts, Blockchain, and traditional banking, MeChat members will be able to transact money transfers, reduce the need to carry IDs and wallets, bypass a bank branch to apply for credit, raise money for a startup, order inventory automatically based on their budget, manage sales, and make investments, without leaving the app.

Similar to other super apps such as, China’s $700 billion WeChat, MeChat charges no fees for trades, and offers peer-to-peer lending, a marketplace, and QR codes to connect them all.

In summary, MeChat simplifies thinking, processes, inventory, and overall corporate structure to make running a business convenient, reduce the barrier of entry for business owners, and give financiers a better way to judge businesses and their owners’ ability to pay back a loan and grow into a sustainable, job producing business.

MeChat is expected to begin funding search starting July 1, 2021.

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