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October 16, 2021, 1:19 pm

Could $500 help your business right now?


MeChat provides users with free basic startup systems to help walk them through their startup journey and help them get their business off the ground faster, with more efficiency and effectiveness to save them a lot of time. 

One of these free systems include Customer Journey Mapping  so startups can discover their product market fit and capture loyal customers before spending thousands on setting up their business.

Gain Valuable Customer Insight and let customers Create Personalized Customer Experiences to build long-term loyalty by mapping your customers' decision journey.

Each digital space comes with  Built-In Customer Journey Mapping Tools that help inspire a change in people’s impressions & relationships of. your brand.

Users go Pro by subscribing to digital spaces according to the Customer Journey Mapping tools they want to  include in their digital spaces. For example marketing research, BI, & insights.

Additionally, MeChat diagnostics will help you assess, customer data to optimize each system and refine each touch point.


What is MeChat’s Customer Journey Mapping Software for Startups

MeChat is developing a new “Customer Journey Mapping software for Startups” that will come free with any MeChat Startup Account.

We need startups to help us test out the software for 90 days for free.

As we optimize the system your business should see more engagement and reoccurring purchases from your existing customers.

Apply on and you could win a $500 Startup Grant just for entering MeChat’s Beta Testing Program.

If you want to buy the software, you can preorder it. It will be available on July 3, 2022.


How much does MeChat Customer Journey Mapping software for Startups

There are a few variables that affect the cost of a journey mapping exercise.

For example:

  • What kind of organization is this map for?
  • Who’s included in the journey map? How many types of people?
  • What kind of business objectives is it trying to convey?


Free to find product market fit

  • Up to 10k sessions/month
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Autocaptured events
  • Data Dictionary
  • General analysis
  • Ad-Hoc Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Account-Based Analytics
  • Data Autocapture
  • CRM: Email List
  • SOC-2 Compliance
  • Onboarding & Implementation: Self-Service
  • MeChat Startup Videos and Documentation

1,250 Growth, All free features, plus

  • Advanced Governance
  • Premier support
  • .csv Export
  • Ad-Hoc Analytics
  • Report Alerts
  • Account-Based Analytics
  • Data Autocapture
  • CRM: Email List, Marketing, Sales
  • SOC-2 Compliance
  • Single Sign-On
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Onboarding & Implementation: Self-Service, Monthly Zoom Workshop Training
  • MeChat Startup Videos and Documentation
  • Visualize your customer journey


$14,000+ All Growth features, plus

  • Unlimited projects
  • Heap Connect
  • Heap Activate
  • Advanced Governance
  • Report Alerts
  • Premier support
  • Ad-Hoc Analytics
  • Report Alerts
  • Account-Based Analytics
  • Data Autocapture
  • CRM: Email List, Marketing, Sales
  • Integrations
  • Basic Technical Support
  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support
  • Onboarding & Implementation: Self-Service, Monthly Zoom Workshop Training, Scheduled On Location employee training
  • Professional Services Packages
  • MeChat Startup Videos and Documentation
  • Training Sessions with Heap Experts
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Success Architect
  • Visualize your customer journey


Add Ons

MeChat Connect

Integrate mail engagement tools for personalized communication via email, in-app guides, and more.

Custom Report Alerts

Create custome insights and core KPIs and immediately act on unexpected changes.



Included Add -Ons

Most Digital Space subscriptions comes standard with

MeChat Data Warehouse

Sync Customer data to MeChat Data Warehouse automatically.

Enterprise Systems

Our world-class developers gives you tools designed for large organizations to help you start your business from scratch.


Manage additional Projects and separate analytics environments within your digital space






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