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MeChat Universe Launches Digital Properties July 3, 2022

Building and Maintaining an Emergency Fund: A digital way to connect customers to their favorite brands.

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

October 17, 2021, 10:27 pm



What is MeChat Universe (MeChat.Us)?

MeChat Universe is an American software company that leases digital spaces based on the type of Customer Retention strategies that the business needs:

  • To showcase their business to investors
  • To prove their intangibles such as: business acumen, leadership skillsets against their peers and world class industry leaders
  • To monetize their physical business
  • To optimize the systems they have in place
  • To engage with customers in-between purchases
  • To empower businesses to discover additional ways to generate revenue by creating a new line of products and services under your new “Brand"

For a full list of customer retention services and solutions Apply Here.



What types of digital properties can I lease?

For simplicity, Customer Retention strategies are bundled into 3 categories of digital properties. With the right business strategy, leadership skillsets, and creativity MeChat property owners can increase the value of their digital property and begin to generate passive income from it.

The 3 types of digital properties are: (each with their own limitations)

  • digital spaces (Starting a Business. Minimum Revenue is $100k /month recurring)
  • digital stores (Focus on efficiency)
  • digital worlds (World Building Game)

User's customers can quickly access a business's digital property by logging in or by scanning each property’s QR Code. 


What is included with a digital property lease? 

By subscribing to MeChat, entrepreneurs, Startups, and small businesses get the same flexibility, freedoms, and enterprise tools that corporations use, to include:

  • Mobile Checkout: sell products and book appointments anywhere, anytime
  • QR Codes: quick access to your digital store and products
  • Marketing Tools: find a niche that will always purchase from your digital store
  • Digital Wallet: monetize existing customers
  • CRM: to reduce churn
  • News Feed: increase reoccurring purchases
  • Customer Rewards: boost customer loyalty

Plus, MeChat’s agile, journey mapping design provide business a fun and easy way to continue interacting with their customers after the purchase and at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

The type of activity customers can do on the digital property depends on the business tools and software components added by the owner, as provided by the latest MeChat product catalog.

Once customers enter a digital property they can make purchases, visit other digital stores on MainStreet U.S.A. - a digital shopping mall, and even generate passive income. 

Additionally, users can play in MeChat's annual World Building Tournament to prove their business acumen and leadership skillsets. At the end of the tournament, the highest performing digital Properties will get nominated to win cash prizes, badges, and awards.



MeChat Digital Property Prices

The cost to lease a digital property for your business depends on several factors to include size of the server space (storage), features, self-employed benefits, and lease term. 

Other important factors to consider is extra fees, such as transaction rates, passive income, and max revenue a digital property can generate. 

While users have many options for choosing a digital property, if users needs assistance building out their space, MeChat provides professional services to help users design simple to complex digital environments with world-class:

  • Support,
  • Documentation,
  • Training,
  • Gamification,
  • Consulting, and
  • Business coaching.

Preorder your digital store now. Apply Now to join the wait list, or apply for free on



How To Lease A Digital Store

While some digital properties can be purchased directly from checkout, Digital properties that exceeds $2,500 exceeds MeChat's KYC/AML agreements and therefore requires bank transfer or wire for authentication And processing. Contact an Account Executive to order high value properties. 

Digital spaces and stores that are less than $2,500 can be leased directly from MeChat's News Desk.

Lease a digital store or digital world today and receive no lease payment until Jan 1, 2024. With Preorders, get early access to your digital store within 90 days, while other serves will be available by July 3, 2022.

All MeChat packages are guaranteed to be available by July 3, 2022, or you get 3 months free. 

Additionally, Preorder Now and no payment until January 1, 2023.



MeChat Use cases: Which digital properties to lease

Example 1: Breakouts vs Office vs Portal

Using Law of attraction principles, Your Super Fans has the ability to login to your digital property and join and collaborate on projects that you publish on news feeds.

Additionally your Loyal Customers can join other professional communities that you create:

  • Breakouts (free digital space)
  • Office (subscription digital store)
  • Portal (digital world)

Example 2: professional communities

Offer professional communities on your digital profiles to allow customers to group themselves by niche.

By scanning your QR Code customers can purchase your products and then later connect with other customers and your team categorized by Purpose, Project, and common interests.


Example 3: Creating Digital Economies

Instead of getting paid by check or cash, which they then deposit into a bank account, many people opt to get paid via a reloadable prepaid card.

Prepaid cards give people instant access to money. They can use the cards to make purchases at stores, pay bills, or withdraw cash from an ATM.

For example, Uber offers prepaid cards to its drivers through a program called Instant Pay.


Example 4: Be the Bank

MeChat automates regulations and compliance to expand financial opportunities, specifically to World Builders and registered Stores.

Normally e-commerce merchants presents a risk to the Payments facilitators because the new merchant could be operating an illegal business or a business not classified as low risk for example. It could lead to fraudulent transactions, chargebacks or closure of the account.

While easy to onboard, They take great care in assessing and reviewing each application to help mitigate and minimize the risk they would acquire.

  • Transactions will be for small amounts
  • Merchants will process only low volumes of business
  • The risks can be spread over a large number of fee-paying users
  • Store value cards

Sometimes called stored-value cards, prepaid cards look like credit or debit cards and have some features in common with them. One of the defining features of a prepaid card is that it has a certain amount of money loaded onto it. The card itself isn’t attached to a bank account and doesn’t give the user the option of borrowing money to make purchases.

When you get Revenue, a percentage is automatically available for use according to your “Buying Power”

  • length of account
  • Chargeback frequency etc






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