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MeChat Chief Marketing Officer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

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July 14, 2021, 4:33 pm

Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Starting Salary: $150,198 per year

Board member Stock Ownership: 0.5%-2%


MeChat’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Marketing Directors, are responsible for overseeing MeChat’s overall advertising and sales strategy. The CMO has direct influence on a business’s overall strategy and vision through collaborating with the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. 

Works with retail, SaaS, mobile tech, EdTech, and emerging companies to find strategic partnerships that leads to new revenue sources, advertising deals, and an increase in users. Convert insights into actionable, sustainable strategies to accelerate, an already aggressive growth schedule.

The CMO is a strategist and the executive leading the salesforce. As strategist CMO revitalizes MeChat’s business model to prevent the current model from becoming stagnant and architect a marketing plan that maximizes the effectiveness of the salesforc. 


Top Duties

MeChat CMO duties include:

  • Create new marketing channels and nurture existing relationships that raise awareness to increase business
  • Collaborate with operations and administration staff to secure the essential resources to execute a project.
  • Study conversion rates, customer lifetime values and key performance indicators as a method for quantifying their success.
  • Set project deadlines and analyze company finances to find funding for new ideas
  • Regularly check in with team leaders to assess progress on marketing campaigns
  • Make adjustments and gather information about their target market
  • Internal PR: outreach and coordination with the appropriate media
  • Appraised the marketplace to determine how MeChat fits into the current landscape and to understand how MeChat’s position can truly differentiate themselves in any pitch.
  • Responsible for create all sales and marketing material
  • Developing the structure of the business’s marketing department
  • Building new products to be offered to consumers based on conducting feasibility studies of proposed products and identifying customer needs
  • Product marketing, on the other hand, involves launching new products, creating promotions and messaging, monitoring the competition, and receiving customer feedback.
  • Approving marketing campaign ideas
  • Coordinating marketing efforts with the company’s financial and branding goals
  • Plan campaigns with coupons, giveaways or contests to bring attention to and create interest in one of the organization's products or services
  • Undertake market research studies and analyze the results in order to better understand the market and customer tastes
  • Use research to identify likely customers for a product or service and then develop a pricing strategy that will induce them to purchase the product or service  
    building revenue streams
  • Develop the MeChat brand
  • Determine what type of media to use in an advertising campaign
  • Negotiate advertising contracts.
  • Managing the marketing and sales team



MeChat Chief Marketing Officer should be highly collaborative, creative, data-driven and analytical and contain the following skills and qualifications:

  • Decision-making skills
  • Research skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Proven understanding of data analysis tools
  • Ability to lead in a constantly evolving environment
  • Experience working with various marketing tools relating to market research, data analytics, website development, product branding, visual communication software, written communication, and public relations
  • Proven ability to design and coordinate marketing campaigns across traditional and modern channels
  • Expert in digital and social media marketing


Education Required

A bachelor’s degree is required for a Chief Marketing Officer position or business administration.


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