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Article By Antonio James, MIQ

June 16, 2023, 3:27 pm



Hi, I’m Antonio 

I’m a film director and celebrity business coach with over 20 years of professional experience in business and finance and now I have put all of that knowledge, tips, and secrets into MeChat Universe

MeChat Universe is an online business school created for anyone who wants to learn how to start a business but don’t know how. 

MeChat Universe is the perfect education to start a multi-million dollar business empire from scratch as you learn the business foundations required to drive your business forward. 

Remember, MeChat Universe is a business school not just a business plan template; therefore, by joining the alumni you will have access to many ivy-league benefits like you would receive at a major university. 

As part of the student body you can use your business plan to join the Royal Court, vote on school matters, network, and pitch a beautifully designed document for funding.

To increase your school access and enhance the quality of your school experience you will need to make continuous improvements to your business plan to improve your average passing exam score.

To graduate with this year’s class, you will need to maintain an exam score average of 100% by December 4th. So, what are you waiting for? Return to the curriculum page to write a business plan.

Before you start though, let me show you how I used the same curriculum in MeChat Universe to retire at 25, become debt free before 40, and have the family, house, and life that I planned.

Now congratulations to you on creating your own future! You have already did something millions of others failed to do! You got started. 

You have signed up because you have decided to join the next generation of entrepreneurs and create something important in the world.

While fairytales might not come true, your business plan will!

And on your business adventure in MeChat Universe you can complete over 14 Exam Levels if you want to continue playing the game of life after you write a business plan to master the universe.

However, since everything you do in MeChat Universe is done through the business plan template, you must first write a business plan before you can do any of the school work and activities.

Having a business plan as the key to your success provides you and other members in the school looking to barter and invest in business plan concepts the assurance and transparency they need to increase confidence.

Now let’s get started writing a business plan that others can invest in.

When you login you will come to the University Center. From here, push the gold button to access the business plan curriculum.

The business plan curriculum provides you with the business plan template which features all the knowledge, tools, and editing software you need to write a business plan right on your device. 

Your business plan template is organized into the most important sections you need to start, manage, and grow a business such as creating a realistic budget, establishing an online presence, marketing, and managing a team.

Each business plan section is divided into classes that you will later use to manage that specific area of your business. Answer all the questions in each class to get full credit and keep improving your answers to generate revenue and raise your exam score.

To increase revenue and business potential lets look at your entrepreneurial journey on the school map. 

Scroll Down as you are beginning here, in Qualifiers

Each curriculum has an exam full of classes and questions designed to simulate capitalism on every level.  

As you complete each level on the map, you will find that each level builds on the one before it until you launch a profitable company that adheres to the goal and vision you outlined in  your business plan.

Answer the questions in each class as they are required to move each part of your business to the next level.

As you climb the levels you will get more advanced articles, hands-on assignments, and business questions to help you think about every component of your business. 

To make sure all of your ideas are supporting a single objective, consider skipping a few classes and starting with questions about your mission and vision statements.


You don’t have to work a regular job to make a life for yourself! Train your brain to Make yourself wealthy! Don’t wait until it’s to late to design your life‼️ set goals with deadlines. Write a business plan on MeChat Universe for how you are going to go about mastering your life and achieving your goals and dreams.

MeChat Universe guides you to formulate your ideas into a structured business plan until you learn how to live a success life, on your own terms.

Nothing is stopping you from a good financial situation but your mindset. Employees make their boss rich, debtors make banks rich, corruption makes politicians rich, but entrepreneurs, we make ourself rich🤑

The life you live should be the direct Result of the business plan you created. Prove it to yourself that you are who you say you are. Create a plan that inspires you to Improve your life mentally, physically, spiritually.

Your parents mindset was to work hard, this generation is about ownership, and in MeChat Universe you own businesses. While the world goes crazy we create new world onlines with business plans that earn income, passive income, and portfolio income. Learn what isn’t taught in school. Signup now for free and get A business plan template to write your own success story. Go to www.MeChat.Us to write your first business plan now!

🕛MeChat Universe business plan template will unlock your potential and get you to the next level. It’s free to try, but only for a limited time.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and build something that can change your life and builds your wealth, starting for free!

Secure your template in MeChat Universe and reach yourself, family, and friends about money

See you on the inside. 🥳🥳🥳 See you at Graduation! 👨🏿‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓🧑‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓

LENDERS: Join other banks, investors, and lenders by using our business plan template to verify and screen your applications.



Ready To Start a Business?

Ever wanted to start a business? Start by writing a business plan.

Do you have a bunch of ideas but don’t know where to start? Well we have the business plan template and business school for you!

The business plan template breaks down every part of company while you learn know how to write a business plan and make it your reality.

At end of business school you’ll have a fullly written business plan. Also it’s self paced, but you get a year to complete the business plan.

When education, technology, and businesses are combined with the values, standards, and business culutre of the world’s #1 online business school, it produces MeChat Universe the go to business school for entrepreneurs.

This is an exclusive invitation just for you to learn about business, finance, and wealth as you follow along with our structured business plan curriculum and write a business plan using our business plan template starting FOR FREE. 👩🏽‍🎓🧑‍🎓👨🏿‍🎓Join the alumni or learn how to write a business plan for free. Join over 2,000 entrepreneurs at WWW.MECHAT.US  Start your journey towards business ownership, passive income, and a life of wealth based on your business plan.

We will take a deep dive into the top business plans and how to use the business plan to manage your personal finance and elevate your life to the next level according to the business plan you create in class. 🤯 Each business plans have exams that must be completed if you want to become part of the school’s alumni. Plus, each exam builds on the other exams until you transform your life with a business plan that empowers personal growth and achieving the strategies and goals you planned.

🕛MeChat Universe business plan template unlocks your potential and get you to the next level. It’s free to try, for a limited time only!

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and build something that can change your life and builds wealth, starting for free!

Secure your business plan template in MeChat Universe.

See you on the inside. 🥳🥳🥳 See you on the inside. 🥳🥳🥳 See you at Graduation! 👨🏿‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓🧑‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓





Why A MeChat Universe Template?

This is why it is crucial for you to write your business plan as if you want your business still  standing 10 years. 

Ask yourself, what is the successful you doing right now in this moment, 10 years from now? Then use the business plan template to reverse engineer that vision.

MeChat Universe business plan templates breaks down your overall vision into these smaller chunks that you can start at your convenience. 

Explain how grande your corporate office looks, is it on the 50th floor of some sky scraper or in a small town in the mountains. List the steps you took to improved your local community. What are your daily responsibilities? What market did you help the most? What problem did you solve for them? How many entrepreneurs did you coach along the way? Think over the next 10 years and write your plan accordingly.

In 10 years as you look over the cityscape, your business is now providing services to customers all around the world and the only thing left for you to do is make a lasting impact in society.

And this is where you begin your business plan for MeChat Universe

You want to start by describing the purpose of the business. What impact will your business leave on this world?  

Leave all the backstory for your group chats and product descriptions and write your business plan from the point of impact. 

Use the rest of the business plan to describe how you will use your operations to support your market and make your impact in their lives

Make sure your responses reflect how you envision yourself in 10 years, once you have mastered your skills, effectively incorporated MeChat Universe, and actually executed your answers based on your own vision. 

In MeChat Universe, the best business plans dream big! This is your one opportunity in the entire world to create almost anything without restrictions. Therefore, refrain from placing limitations on our universe by restricting your own thoughts. 

Only entrepreneurs who are self-driven and possess ambition and lofty goals will succeed in MeChat Universe. 

As you write your business plan, MeChat Universe business coaches may contact you during the school year to help you improve your exam scores, stay on course, and graduate. 

But they must believe and be inspired by your overall business plan stats they receive about your business plan and others right from the University Center and by you sharing your secured business plan.

To change the business plan template look and style click the EXAM link at the top of the page. This will take you the instructions page where you can change how others will see your business plan.

To purchase more skins return to the campus sites and  visit MainStreet. Once you have written and designed your dream business plan you will have a beautifully made document that you can share and submit for funding, barter for services, and build with people who believes in your idea.

Last but not least, the goal of MeChat Universe is to start a business plan that will make you wealthy, however through our curriculum we also instill the values of entrepreneurship over capitalism, which means while your business idea may bring you wealth and fame, it will also inspire people around the world to start a business, solve problems, improve their local communities, and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Therefore starting in 2024, entrepreneurs who complete their business plan will be able to manage their business directly from their device with software built right into the business plan itself. 

Signup for higher level courses and become an alumni. As an alumni of MeChat Universe you get multiple new ways to level up your own business plan: 

  1. Keep climbing, go to the HOMEROOM and start the next curriculum level.
  2. Click the green share button in the top right corner so that you can share you business plan with business partners, family, and friends who want to join you on your business journey.
  3. Manage the business directly from the business plan.‘
  4. Give back your knowledge  to other emerging entrepreneurs in the universe by becoming their business coach
  5. Write another business plan.
  6. Barter for the things your business plan needs.
  7. Get involved with the student body.
  8. Turn your dream business plan into reality.

Each business plan can now accept followers with the new updated Group Chat, online stores, websites, and CRMs. Now your followers can subscribe to you execute your business plan strategies or just follow to stay up to date on your business plan community.

Each September, the top business plans automatically get invited to participate in the annual business plan competition where your business plan will compete against the whole school for certificates, vacations, awards, grants, and the coveted title, “Most Iconic Entrepreneur In The Universe”.

So what are you waiting for, you’ve already signed up now go start school by answering the questions on the template provided until you have a well crafted business plan based on a vision you are excited about making come true.

All of this is possible in MeChat Universe

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