How can you enjoy Black Friday to save money?

Black Friday

Article By Karl Poire

November 19, 2020, 10:35 am

How can you enjoy Black Friday to save money?

Every year, the Black Friday problem is the same: try to find the best promotions and do not miss a good plan. The concern is that it is difficult to find the time to inspect all the e-commerce sites involved in the operation, especially on a day when some are working. We have rolled up its sleeves and offers you its best tips to fully enjoy these days of promotions of all kinds!

Enjoy Black Friday to make your Christmas gifts

Year after year, more and more people are anticipating Christmas shopping during the Black Friday period. This commercial event now known by more than 95% of people is indeed the opportunity to make great savings for the year-end gifts.
Brands, mobile operators, e-merchants... participate in Black Friday and offer discounts of up to 80%. Mobile plan, Smartphone, computer, TV, game consoles, accessories, fashion ... you will necessarily find a good plan this Black Friday to please your loved ones and without ruining yourself.
Promotions and discounts will be applied this year from Monday 23 November until Monday 30 November, Cyber Monday with a peak on Black Friday, Friday 27 November.
Take advantage of this week to make your Christmas gifts comfortably from home, no need actually to travel, the best deals are available online. To be effective on D-Day, we advise you to prepare your Christmas gift list and start your search on merchant sites. This way, you can take the time to compare before you buy, and you can even take advantage of promotional offers before the launch of Black Friday.
In addition to benefiting from exceptional prices, you get ahead and avoid stock disruptions by buying your Christmas gifts during this beautiful operation... just imagine if there are only 10 copies of your favorite smartphone at a reduced price! Don’t waste any more time preparing your shopping, the event is fast approaching. Starting today, create your accounts with the leading e-commerce players in the world, it's free and it can save you a lot of time! As with the Balances, we encourage you to spot now. On each of these sites, you can put in your cart the products that interest you, it is possible that on November 27 their price plummets! Often the quantities are limited so it is better that everything is ready in advance to have a maximum chance to buy what you want and at the best price.

Receive vouchers directly to your email address

The last tip we recommend is to subscribe to the newsletters of the signs. Indeed, each e-merchant will send in general a newsletter the day before to prevent and a newsletter the day D to inform of the best deals (Amazon, Cdiscount, Boulanger). They send newsletters to inform you of the best deals regarding mobile packages, Internet boxes and also smartphone promotions.

Check your payment methods.

Now that you have your products integrated into your various e-commerce site baskets, make sure you have no worries on D-Day to settle your orders. Indeed, it would be a shame to find yourself facing a payment failure and lose the great opportunities to save on your much-coveted product! So how do you actually protect yourself from this kind of situation? Start at the bottom, that is, do a statement of account and real time because Black Friday being on a month end, the salary is not always paid, and the authorized overdraft ceilings can arrive quickly. The second element to check if your purchases are for fairly expensive products is the spending limit set by your bank to avoid fraud on your credit card of course, and fortunately that exists, but it must be said that in some situations this can be binding. It is also important to make sure at your bank or customer center that you do not have any blocking for online payments by credit card as is often the case when the card is new for example. So, we only have to wish you great savings!



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