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Film Director Antonio James Announces Beta Testing Program

Calling All Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, and Creatives looking to create or improve their cash flow

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

May 13, 2022, 11:52 pm



Hollywood Film Director Antonio James will head MeChat Universe a financial literacy game impacting small businesses and cash flow.

With MeChat Universe, millions of middle class ENTREPRENEURS will quit living paycheck to paycheck by becoming a student of the Market to generate 6 figures, 7 figures, even 9 figures above their current cash flow, or MeChat Universe won’t take its platform free. 

Start a business in MeChat Universe and following our step-by-step process. Anyone with no prior business or coding experience can  start a business and in as little as 10 minutes for just $29.99 per month.

Or become a member by purchasing a game plot in MeChat Universe starting at just $291 per month and get exclusive strategies and tools for managing cash flow including:

  • invoicing customers in a timely fashion,
  • offloading inventory that doesn’t sell well, 
  • and closely monitor where you spend money - all in one space.

Becoming a member will transform the business you start into a Play-To-Earn business simulation game that you can play using your phone.

As recommended by American Express, as MeChat Universe member you get exclusive cash flow business systems to:

  1. Negotiate quick payment terms.
  2. Give customers incentives and penalties.
  3. Check your accounts payable terms.
  4. Cut unnecessary spending.
  5. Consider leasing instead of buying.
  6. Study your cash flow patterns.
  7. Maintain a cash flow forecast.
  8. Consider invoice factoring.

The online business game features 14 playing levels and each year the simulator is updated according to new trends in the market.

Therefore, each member gets 1 year term to successfully start and grow a buisness in MeChat Universe, but if you fail the business will automatically go to auction at the end of your term, or you can pay to continue playing with the business for another year.

MeChat Universe is an engaging, disruptive, revolutionary way of starting and growing a business letting users design and create virtual worlds that redeem virtual rewards for

cash, vacations, and additional virtual assets to add to your business and increase the value of your virtual world.

Plus, if you successfully grow your business by the end of the term you can CashOut any rewards that you collected along the way.

MeChat Universe is the only 24/7 business club where you can connect with vendors, supplies, investors, business owners, and tastemakers - all in one place, while getting paid to learn about business and improve your finances.

Quit living pay check to paycheck and start a successful business today in MeChat Universe, the only place you can start a buisness and use that business to create real world opportunities for you, your family, your team, and local community.

Try MeChat Universe for free on or Scan the QR Code to become a member.



Tools for Business Owners

To improve business ownership possible and easier to sustain for middle class entrepreneurs, MeChat Universe gives business owners a digital control panel that visually displays information, systems, charts, databases, KPIs, and tons of information about their business at-a-glance.

The dashboard will monitor performance, create reports, and set sales targets from anything you store in your virtual space, using only your cell phone.

With MeChat Universe, emerging Entrepreneurs can start a business in as little as 90 days with revenue that automatically establishes emergency funds and help achieve goals, Become your own Boss, and become financially independent on your own terms.

Today, MeChat Universe needs to signup 150 entrepreneurs who want to become debt free by starting a business in MeChat Universe for free.

You will get a free Roadmap To Success to stress test the platform before MeChat Universe becomes publicly available to millions of business owners around the world.

The Roadmap will give Beta testers 10 main benefits to start a business in MeChat Universe:

  1. TECH: New technology to start a business from your phone
  2. MEDIA: The latest in on demand business content from newspapers to movies and everything in between
  3. POLICY: Join as part of an organization with a business culture and a sense of community and connection
  4. ACTIVISM: Discover and build relationships with entrepreneurs that have purposeful businesses that drive change
  5. ARTISTRY: Get the virtual space, freedom, 14 business simulation modes to experiment and transform your business idea for into a global brand
  6. EQUITY: Explore new ways only found in MeChat Universe to diversify your business revenue with new investment opportunities. Plus as we make money, you make money.
  7. COURSES: Put into action your financial knowledge in Antonio James’ Play-to-Earn American Dream game
  8. SCIENCE:  Understand how your decisions impact higher lifetime value per customer/ client/ employee
  9. FINANCE: Learn about how cash flow differs from profit and use that knowledge to create higher margins for your goods and services
  10. MARKETING: From SEO to social media marketing MeChat Universe can help you increase prospects as you lower customer acquisition costs

Created by Film Director Antonio James, MeChat Universe, is the leading source for starting a business, community building, and generating wealth using your own skills and passion.

Successful entrepreneurs will create a recession-proof businesses that run themselves, with a business culture that supports innovation and growth.

There is no code and no experience needed. Users only need an idea to start a business and MeChat Universe will provide the platform and learning tools to increase the financial, political, and operational stability for your business, while expanding your entrepreneurial experience on planning, fundraising, public speaking, and other tasks that improve business ownership.

When MeChat Universe is complete it will become one of the world’s largest & most trusted GameFi DAO solutions with millions of free global account holders, holding trillions in assets, and more than 1 million paying subscribers representing 75+ countries, major U.S. companies and grassroots organizations.

While it is free to join MeChat Universe, a limited membership into MeChat Universe run from:

  • $29 to $300 a month for daily and monthly DIY memberships to try starting a business on your own
  • $3,500 annual rates to start a business with virtual business coaching and guides
  • VIP and corporate packages also available. 

MeChat Universe first business season doesn’t officially launch until July 3, 2023 until then we will complete the remaining features according to members feedback.

Until July 3, 2023, MeChat Universe will “build in public” meaning we will consistently update and release new business features to make starting a business easier until hire a team, sell items, and generate wealth in the world’s newest decentralized platform.

Join the waitlist or start a business in MeChat Universe today, visit




  • 33% Membership
    • From Landing Page Cards and Buttons


  • 17% Land Sales
    • From Neighborhoods
    • From MeChat Universe Maps
    • From MainStreet Auctions


  • 13% Online Store Sales
    • From Storefront (modals)
    • From Mobile Checkouts (Page)
      • Mobile Checkouts are for Franchises only. 


  • 12% Subscriptions
    • From inside:
      • Acres +
      • Franchises: Only When Selected. 


  • 6% Franchises
    • Only one system can be selected per FRANCHISE.
    • Franchises = Lots


  • 5% Professional Services
    • Diagnostics
    • Business Systems Development
    • Enterprise Systems Development


  • 4% Positional Credits Purchases
    • From Virtual Wallet
    • From Land bank


  • 4% Escrow
    • From Storefronts and Mobile Checkouts
    • From Land Bank


  • 3% Events/ Fundraisers
    • MainStreet, U.S.A. 
    • From A Franchise


  • 2% Advertising
    • MainStreet, U.S.A.


  • 1% Donations
    • MainStreet, U.S.A.
    • Land Page




  • TBD% Newsfeed Items
    • Located on Publish Buttons
      • Book
      • Podcast
      • Articles
      • Test/Quiz
      • Syllabus
      • eTraining Course
      • Documentation
      • Agenda
      • Task
      • Appointment
      • Opportunity
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