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Build The Business Of Your Dreams Investing In Virtual Real Estate In MeChat.Us

MeChat Universe is the metaverse making it easier to start a business pursing a hobby or passion.

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

February 14, 2022, 3:03 pm



Do you love your hobby more than your career?

A hobby or passion is something you do for enjoyment when you're not at work, the problem is it can be hard to make a profitable and sustainable living pursing a purpose or talent.

Additionally, the only viable option for starting a business that inspires or improves the quality of life for others is to start a non profit.

However, like monetizing a Purpose, non profits doesn’t allow passionate owners to receive the financial gain that a public CEO has access too.

Introducing MeChat Universe.

MeChat Universe virtual real estate is the bridge between Purpose and profits and ensures people and organizations who want to serve public interests or live a life of Purpose can do so, but still have the option to financially live like an icon.

MeChat Universe let’s you Publish tasks, news, and even items for sell to virtual real estate and then gives you visual dashboards, CRMs, and more to help you manage the buisness from any device.

To start using virtual real estate to start your business login to and place a bid on our virtual real estate map.

Plus if you acquire virtual real estate today MeChat Universe will pay for your first 4 vital, all-in-one, digital transformation tools, which includes:

  1. Financial products to manage inventory, or add additional plugins and modules to manage expenses and cash flows from operations, investing, and financing
  2. Virtual Lobby to meet-up, collaborate, and conduct business all in one virtual space
  3. Business management tools to manage normal business operations and ongoing compliance in a single view
  4. A series of levels with startup checklists to shorten the learning curve and startup time it takes to turn a talent, hobby, or passion into a money-making business.

Login to MeChat Universe now and turn something you love into a career that you can easily manage from your virtual real estate.

If you become successful in your Purposeful venture you can further monetize your knowledge and success using your virtual real estate as an online incubator to others you inspired to start a business and make their lives better too.

Stop dreaming off into empty space at work and put MeChat Universe’s virtual real estate to work for you.

Become your own boss and increase your monthly earnings using only your free time and virtual real estate.

Start living a Life of Purpose in MeChat Universe by starting the business of your dreams.

For demonstration, email us at [email protected]


Do Entrepreneurs in the metaverse get new opportunities to make money?

Creator, celebrities, and personalities with a significant following can create a new revenue stream in the metaverse by monetizing their followers in a way only found in MeChat Universe.

With MeChat Universe creators with at least 100,000 followers or more can use their virtual real estate to collect a higher percentage of rent from their neighborhood.


To receive the higher percentage, Creators who are Plot owners must become an entrepreneur by maintaining a high economic freedom score with an efficient plot that makes sure every business in their virtual neighborhood succeeds.



Becoming an entrepreneur gives creators, influencers, and personalities with large following a way to discover their Super Fans from their fans, staff, and students and turning their Super Fans into your virtual tenants.

Becoming tenants offer users the ability to learn from their favorite influencers and brands who are already successful in their industry. The tools you include for your plot they can rent from you to start their own business.

To become your tenant, your Super Fans can go to www.MeChat.Us and search for your plot.

Once inside your plot, Super Fans can rent virtual real estate directly from you in the form of Acres and Lots located inside your plot’s neighborhood.

The monthly rent for Acres and Lots is automatically collected by your real estate empire in small initial payments allowing your Super Fans to receive exclusive business tools, knowledge, and new business support features without any long term obligations.

Additionally, tenants get the freedom to become vendors to other startups in MeChat Universe with new metaverse tools to send and submit proposals, recruit and assign employee roles, automate timesheets, conduct payroll, and keep up with inventory all in one place.

To help entrepreneurs create a business culture with their tenants, MeChat Universe provides virtual real estate plots with the following software systems:

  • Back Office Systems
  • Virtual Financial Center
  • Virtual Lobby

Remember, each Acre and Lot added to your real estate’s neighborhood increases the value of the your whole real estate portfolio.



MeChat Universe Real Estate NFT Partner Program

Want even more rewards?

In this first Round of metavase real estate sales MeChat Universe will partner with entrepreneurs and investors who have the ability to:

  • populate your neighborhood with tenants
  • to start an efficient, thriving real estate empire
  • transform the virtual real estate into a new virtual world that offers new opportunities

Invest in the NFT PARTNER TRADING CARD on Opensea and for every 100,000 tenants in your virtual neighborhood MeChat Universe will:

  1. Pay 5% monthly dividends
  2. Provide free software development

Software development gives your real estate new infrastructure and tools that you can rent in your neighborhood. The more features you can offer users the more rent your virtual real estate can collect.

The NFT PARTNER TRADING CARD 100K pays MeChat Universe software developers to develop for the assigned virtual plot, one of 15 software systems for free, each time the plot adds 100,000 new tenants.



What Are The Software Systems Users can add to their Virtual Real Estate?

Like real world real estate, virtual real estate is raw nature when you purchase it.

To create a thriving economy inside a virtual real estate users must add one of 15 software systems as infrastructure that matches your individual unique business strategies:

  • Advance, collaborative Virtual Lobby features such as Publishing, Live Chat, Audio Rooms, and Public News Feeds (3D Virtual Spaces, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality spaces incurs extra fee).


  • User Friendly, self-service features so your visitors and tenants can access customer purchase data and service histories made from your virtual real estate.


  • Data Driven Performance Visuals to help you understand your virtual real estate’s operations and act on that data faster.


  • Data Driven Sales Visuals to help drive revenue using your virtual real estate. Turn sales’ intuitions into deep insights into the buyers your virtual real estate serves.


  • AI powered Chat box to answer simple questions, solve their own account features such as password reset, and resolve customer issues without needing to hire a live agent.


  • Automated HR Department for onboarding new clients, students, and employees.


  • Custom Webpage Design (Custom Splash Screen with Login, Signup, Forgot Password features incurs Extra Free).


  • E-commerce/Online Store to sell up to 200 items from the virtual real estate.


  • Remote Digital Call Center Outsource customer service with support for email, chat, text (SMS) social media, etc.


  • Learning Management System (LMS): The ability to Build Your Own Online Training Program.


  • Create a Personalized Business Plan that you can take to investors. Note things like which goals are important for your business/real estate, the methods for attaining those goals, and the time-frame for achieving those goals.


  • Social Media Monitoring Package with sales and marketing tools. Monitor your name and brands across millions of online sources.


  • Best Email Marketing Software Customized email templates, create email lists, track relationship engagements, store contact information, and implement and automate SMS Text Communications.


  • AI Powered, Self Service Portals. Gives visitors the ability handle customer facing services such submitting complaint tickets to selling events tickets directly inside the virtual real estate.


  • Knowledge Base with Search Tools.  Reduce support costs with a stack overflow-type community support section for your buisness. Offers automatic suggestions based on historical inputs.

Access updated virtual real estate features will be released annually on July 3.

For software get your virtual real estate now by placing a bid on www.MeChat.Us, or e-mail us for a full demonstration, [email protected]









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