MeChat is more than Gossip!

Is This a Black Site Only?

I’m White, can I Join?

Yes, Our social network is open to all communities. We just have a few rules:

  • 1. Respect our Culture and Contributions in society.
  • 2. Respect our Right to Think Differently.
  1. 3. Respect our ability to be Great.
  2. 4. Respect our Blackness.

What is the Good Life?

Regardless, of who is president, the Commissioner of MeChat believes that the Global Majority will be ok.

The Good Life is a life where we partake in American Democracy on equal footing and under our own merits.

In our Good Life we enjoy democracy and capitalism the same as every American in order to enjoy riches, wealth, grandeur, and our culture in peace. MeChat gives the Global Majority a microphone to tell the world their stories and bring together a community working together to bring about the Good Life for us all.

With the introduction of MeChat, we are no longer bound to the rules of society but create our own rules, narrative, and infrastructure online. While MeChat is open to all communities, MeChat is a place where the Global Majority can escape the realities of life and live a second, a Good Life online with people who share our Standards, Values, and respect for our Culture and Contributions in society.

Why are we doing this?

With a handful of media companies now dominating majority of the international news market black imagery is being distorted, our concerns are being taking for a joke, and our cries are being ignored. MeChat gives the Global Majority a microphone to the world that can both change the narrative and inform those who wish to seek understanding and growth..

MeChat Mission

MeChat’s Mission is to create a place where the Global Majority can come, feel safe, feel represented, network, and Live the Good Life.

Click here, to learn how the Global Majority will nominate a Presidential nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Your Voice + Our Platform = Your Microphone to the World

MeChat features a rss feed reader displaying breaking news from 100+ mainstream news sources.. MeChat mobile newsroom distributes every blurb, news, op-ed, manuscript, article, celebrity gossip, and podcast in the world. Right now we have CNN, Fox News, Huff Post, and regular news junkies like you and us (aka Content Creators).

Where the News gets its news

Do you need to generate buzz around your brand or an event. Do you need professional online representation that accurately represents you or your company? For SEO and PR teams managing a clients digital assets takes a ton of time and costs thousands of dollars but what if you can simplify your media outreach, change the narrative, rebuild your reputation, and do brand promotion all on one platform?

What if you can “personalfy” your brand, scale your efforts, and follow a mission. MeChat spread awareness around your brand. MeChat is an online community city for the Global Majority. MeChat showcases Black and Brown Americans next to mainstream Brands.

How to Start?

To get started is free and easy.

To join the community you will need a mobile newsroom in order to become a Creator. To get your mobile newsroom subscribe for free or login.

Start Here

Next, you want to push the little green publish button in the top right corner of your mobile newsroom to start publishing high quality articles about yourself, a client, a hobby, your brand, band, or an event.

That’s it!

Your gossips can be managed in your Briefing Room, or promoted with URLs and more.

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