Branding Services

  • White label virtual spaces
  • SLA Service Level Agreements Included
  • Enterprise Business Systems development included

Business & Social Clubhouse Use

As MeChat universe opens local country clubs, such as Business & Social Clubhouses, Members will be able to take advantage.

  • Rent the club facilities for private events, such as birthday parties or wedding receptions.
  • Clubhouses also make excellent meeting locations
  • Attend official events at the club house
  • Discount on clubhouse services

Join The Alumni

VIP Corporate membership benefits focused on giving, well-being, relaxing and enjoying business ownership by improving your mental and physical health

Want to world build? VIP Corporate Members must join the American DAO

  • Protect a decentralized America
  • Protect MeChat universe culture and code of conduct
  • Long term growth benefits of 3-12 years
  • Join Peer Groups with Memberships starting $15 million
  • Get Everything in VIP Membership Packages.
  • Make Policy For Others

Choose your Charities

MeChat Universe automatically help you qualify for Charitable tax deductions each year. As new revenue comes in, your land bank will automatically give a percent of your profits to your favorite charities.

VIP Meet-Ups Funded By MeChat Universe

Want more events, retreats, and party fit for Hollywood elites:

  • Open Bar
  • Professional Sports packages such as Front Row and Executive Suite Perks
  • Sponsor community programs that offer Charitable write-offs
  • Unique Experiences
  • Invites To The Hottest Business Conferences
  • Invite To the Annual Yacht Parties

High Yield Savings Account

Get a business account to store funds.

  • Pays higher annualized yields than a bank
  • Better Returns On Your Investment
  • Send International wires easier and faster

Golf Privileges

Members love our country club golf sessions.

  • Cooperate Members have first access to tee times.
  • Get to book in advance.
  • Access some of the best courses around.

Included Instruction

MeChat Universe employ specialists who know all MeChat Universe, Business, and Finance and are trained to help your manage your businesses systems and membership.

Concierge Travel Service

  • Discounted Airfare
  • Discounted lodging accommodations
  • Black Car Service

VIP Meet-Ups Funded By MeChat Universe

Join us for exclusive networking events:

  • Professional Sports Tickets
  • Front Row and Executive Suite Perks
  • Sponsor Community Programs that offer Charitable write-offs
  • Unique Experiences
  • Invites To The Hottest Business Conferences
  • Invites to the Annual yacht Party in Miami

Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your character’s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.