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MeChat provides businesses with a scannable QR Code that connects them to their business’ People, Products, Processes, Checklists, Business Automation, Buisness Intelligence, and Buisness Execution systems all in one place.

Safe and Secure
Payments with Stripe

MeChat partners with Stripe to ensure all MeChat transactions are secure and processed timely. By connecting your businesses to Stripe, MeChat users get additional benefits such as the ability to sell products in their Products Store via their QR Code. Users also get instant payment processing, and the ability to receive payments, give refunds, and handle disputes with customers and vendors.

        MeChat allows its customers able to manage, customize and organize store to bring real value to their valuable customers

Refunds, Invoicing, & Orders

   Any time entrepreneurs make a sale the invoice will automatically be generated and is available to the customer and the business under the Orders tab.

   The Orders Tab is popular with restaurants and Food Trucks as customers can quickly scan the QR Code, preorder their food, and checkout without the congestion and frustration of waiting to order.

   The orders can be queued to display the newest orders first or last and businesses can notify customers by SMS, e-mail, or in person as orders are ready for pickup, or delivery.

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