It’s Time to Feel Good to be Black

Yes, We are a monolith

When it comes to being black we share:

  •   a similar culture,
  •  the texture of our hair creates a pallet for our artistry,
  •  physically we look good,
  •  and We created music most of us have rhythm to.

Its ok to be like your brother and sister, but like any family we individually have our preferences. On MeChat we subscribe to each other differences and allow everyone freedom to represent those differences.

What is your Story

MeChat empower Black Creators to tell their story

MeChat is a Black owned news platform that makes it easy for Black messages to reach their audience so that the Global Majority can:

  •  Advocate for their local communities.
  •  Bring awareness to local issues and concerns.
  •  Hold their leaders accountable.
  •  Influence positive perceptions about Black communities.
  •  Highlight Black Greatness within society.
  •  Find and Discover Black people who has similar interests.
  •  Change the Image: correcting exaggerated imagery.
  •  Motivate with Call to Actions.
  •  End Propaganda by rejecting distorted reporting and reporting the news through your own lens.
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