MeChat Universe is your most valuable professional asset to achieve business success

  • An online co-operative for entrepreneurs who share a common bond
  • Use MeChat Universe to manage money, people, technology, transport, selling
  • MeChat Universe is an extension of your business goals
  • Stop spending a lot of money and time trying to learn business and login to master business
  • Track accounting, marketing, international business, innovation, and your business’s logistics
  • Hire a team and then create business culture & corporate responsibility

MeChat Universe gives you all the business systems to create your own virtual ecosystem

There’s a daily, monthly or yearly subscription fee. Become a member to get additional access to business coaches, business systems, and virtual country club services to help you build your business

Entrepreneurs live by a code

Every member of MeChat Universe country club lives by 3 codes:

  • Dream it
  • Believe it
  • Build it

#1 Virtual Country Club offering unlimited world class offerings for your business

  • State-of-the-Art Online Business Center
  • Industry-Tailored Business Simulators
  • Get a Virtual Calendar to organize Tasks
  • Get an Online Store to sell Items
  • Get a Social Network to publish company news
  • Get a Virtual Wallet to collect mobile payments

Is Membership Right for You?

For confidence, members get access to public analytics, visuals, and data about each other’s business to evaluate every aspect of a business, including business size, business model, profitability, business growth, and growth level.

This is also helpful before you make an investment as a mentor, partner, investor, or advertiser to other members.

As a member, you get to choose where to own your virtual space in MeChat Universe. For experience, stake your virtual space inside an existing, proven CEO, leader, or Founder’s virtual space.

You can quickly determine a member’s business acumen through their completed ROADMAP. A proven Roadmap will have the achieved level and services you are trying to obtain. An uncompleted Roadmap means the business is new, or that the business owner has not achieved the desired financial literacy level to guide businesses of your size and vision.

MeChat Universe breaks down your business plan into visual charts, calendars, and actionable modules to help business owners identify their business goals, then execute them.

MeChat Universe business plan generator and various business templates will help you structure your business and create a sustainable foundation capable of supporting higher productivity, and thus profitability.

As you build out your virtual ecosystem of management teams, staff, and partnerships, MeChat Universe will continue to evaluate the productivity and growth, so you can move forward with confidence.

More Than Another Membership, MeChat Universe is a brotherhood, a business family

Become a member of our business family & Get Instant Access To:

  • Events and Parties
  • Townhalls and Member Meetings
  • Continuous Businesses Education 101
  • Peer-to-peer Network
  • Sales and Marketing Development Tips
  • Personal Financial Literacy Training Tools
  • Exclusive Content, How To Videos, and Case Studies from other members
  • 1:1 Support, group chats, and live calls
  • Unlimited Business Strategies and Frameworks
  • Access all 14 Levels of The American Dream


Join Waitlist

  • 🟢 Start a Business
  • 🟢 Data Ownership
  • 🟢 Controlled by community
  • 🟢 Full Freedom
  • 🟢 Email For Immediate Membership


MeChat Universe is a virtual country club WITH AI-Powered virtual spaces AND BUSINESS STARTUP PACK FOR STARTING A BUSINESS

Once a member, unlock 14 levels of key resources to help you build your skills and knowledge in business, leadership, & finance, making you more equipped to solve critical business challenges. Each level offers role-based guides, then explore the virtual universe and partner with other members until you start generating a return on your investment.


Select a Service or Continue Scrolling For information about renting virtual space in MeChat Universe

An online co-operative for entrepreneurs who share a common bond

Entrepreneurs live by a code:

Dream it

Believe it

Build it

No Prior Business Experience Needed

Launch Almost Any Business In As Little As 90 days with MeChat Universe Online Business Startup Kit

  • Hourly, daily, and annual rentals
  • Work and Collab from anywhere, remotely
  • Easy to Use. No prior business experience needed
  • A Business Builder made for your phone

Rent virtual co-op spaces to collaborate, Brainstorm, and solve business challenges

MeChat is a Transformative Think tank for Entrepreneurs and Business owners to collaborate with their teams, peers, and project groups of 2 or more.

Why MeChat Universe?

Because 70% of startups fail and you want to be in the 30% who Succeed

Starting a small business is hard and complex. It’s a common problem and still 70% of business owners will run out solutions until they run into cashflow problems and become so stressed and overwhelmed they loose passion, thus motivation. When cash flow recedes, the business will fail.

Login to MeChat Universe to get help, advice and step by step guidance for starting a business and then explore new revenue streams and opportunities to keep you building your empire and reaching New Levels while building your business from your phone.

MeChat Universe Virtual Spaces Includes Content, Courses, & Solutions To Grow Your Business

Before you spend thousands on business coaches, business universities, or make any decision on your future, explore MeChat Universe first.

MeChat Universe provides key resources to help you build your skills and knowledge in business, leadership, and finance, making you more equipped to solve critical business challenges.

Inside MeChat Universe you have access to everything you need to discover and reach the next level:

  • Online Classes, On Demand
  • Get a Business suite of Software, Finance Tools, and Data
  • Driven CEO Community to expand and develop your professional network.
  • Launch your business in 90 days or less*
  • Get 1 business plan generator
  • Setup 1 business licenses, LLC, or EIN
  • Free Listing in the Members Directory

*Excludes businesses requiring lightly permit and setup times.

Use Virtual Spaces To Create A Website For Your Business

  • Establish a central business hub
  • Get a 1-page website for your business
  • Virtual Space to Create
  • Easy to navigate your business
  • Beautiful design

Use Virtual Spaces To Sell Items And Premium Content

Give your startup new revenue with a homebased business. Rather its in the basement, the corner of the kitchen, or outside MeChat Universe gives you the ability to sell your talents, experiences, and what make you – YOU. Your story is valuable and on MeChat Universe there’s an entrepreneur community that will be inspired.

To help you tell your story each virtual space has the ability to:

  • Go Live
  • Upload Videos, share Images, or start an online business
  • Get business reports to track revenue and inventory

Use Virtual Spaces To Create A Website For Your Business

Take business ownership to a new level by getting members to become your citizens

  • Create your own Business Culture and Business Values
  • Automatic Business Valuation Calculator
  • Offer business opportunities
  • Create business objectives for you citizens
  • Hire a World Building team to help you manage your business operations
  • Offer Business cards with unique Business card designs (Coming Soon)

Use Virtual Spaces to Handle your Business Finances

Gain control, freedom, security, status, and peace of mind with member-only financial tools

  • Learn how business finances work
  • Business Bank Account Alternative
  • Get a Business Tax Account
  • Get a Business Travel Account
  • Get a Business Savings Account
  • Get a Virtual Wallet for your business
  • Create a Balance sheet with Financial Projections

The Country Club Process

Want to become a member, MeChat Universe is a tool to speed up growth in your business. To do this we need to mitigate the losses, patch any holes, and improve the business’s financial future. Our complex process is simplified within the diagnostic report that you receive. However, the results will be tailored to each member’s individual objective, an all-in-one virtual office spaces to rent in order to

  • To start virtual office plans are available for lease on our website. simply signup to enter MeChat Universe.
  • Select a virtual location from the map to rent your virtual space.
  • Choose a virtual office to rent that meets your reequipments.
  • Login to your virtual space and add your team.

Ready To Start?

  • Chose a membership role
  • Answer a few business questions
  • We verify your business qualifications as a Business Owner
  • Virtual Call to Discuss business needs
  • Our Team Develops your tailor-made requirements for your membership
  • Use your Membership to reach new level

How To Rent a Space

MeChat Universe is An Expansive Place For Business Owners. Get Started Building your Business Today.

  • Once you are a member use your role-based guides to explore the virtual universe until you start generating a return on your investment.
  • Members can access virtual spaces from the Universe Map to build a business in.
  • MeChat Universe 14-Levels of The American Dream course walks you through the steps of starting a business.
  • Members learn how to use business intelligence systems to monitor the performance and segment every aspect of their business.
  • FREE YOURSELF: Turn your employees into your 1099 contractors, allowing them to become vendors providing you with the same service, without the cost of hiring.

Become a SMART Member Today

Turn your co-working space into a SMART space

  • Unlimited Office Access
  • Office is Registered to You
  • Virtual space included until 2024
  • Signup today and get 30% off Level 2 Membership
  • No credit check
  • Get Merchant Services
  • Get a Business Development Manager
  • Startup Business Classes
  • Business Incorporation Services to Setup your business
  • Corporate Filing and EIN
  • Join the next Business Graduation class
  • Start your own 7 figure performance-based business
  • Annual Virtual Membership
  • Digital Marketing Tools Included
  • Community oriented. Access MainStreet Perks & Partnership
  • Access technology

Generate Income after Graduation or Career Change

Do you want to create a business without capital. Use the virtual space to get Paid for your advice, expertise, and knowledge by creating a business without barriers.

  • Sell courses
  • Start a blog
  • Mentor others
  • Build Business Credit
  • Offer Your Business Systems for Rent or Franchise
  • Business to Business Sales (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer Sales (B2C)
  • Your Business can be scaled with 2-6 hours of commitment

Become a VIP Member to Own The Space & Make MORE Money from your Membership

Go pro and expand your ability to tell your storytelling through direct 1-1 contributions and Mentorship telling emerging entrepreneurs how business works for you, how business operates, and how it applies to them.

Get Exclusive VIP Benefits

Make EVEN MORE Income By Becoming an Verified Partner?

There are so many incubators, venture capitalist and more, but no one knows how to utilize them. Like a gym membership we will direct clients towards members towards Parnter business that offer the services they are looking for – near them.

Allows members and your clients to:

  • Access to our private business club for Verified Partners
  • build authentic connections
  • secure new income. Commission partner 10%, where as normal partner is 5%, employees 7%.Commission
  • accelerate your business
  • expand your knowledge
  • Post jobs to the community

Thinking? Don’t Miss These Business Year Dates!

Access is 24/7 to all members. New Members can enrollment twice a year:

  • Feb - May Early Signup
  • June: Regular Signup. No 30% off.
  • July 3: The start of the new Universe Season. Late Signup. All new members must wait until July of the next year for access.
  • September: To join the $1 Million World Building Tournament. Invite Only Signup


“Don’t let the business of it get to your head, Make sure You keep the love of it“

Kyrie Irving

VIP Meet-Ups Funded By MeChat Universe

  • IMAGE - Professional Sports Front Row and Executive Suite Perks
  • IMAGE - Volunteer Programs that offer Charitable Donations
  • IMAGE - Unique Experiences
  • IMAGE - Invites To The Hottest Business Conferences
  • IMAGE - Yatch Parties

What Are you waiting for?

  • No payment until July 2024
  • Early actress July 3, 2022. Everyone else gets access on July 3, 2024
  • A social network for black CEOs, leaders, and executives
  • A community-minded, supportive network for entrepreneurs
  • Today’s model for starting a business
  • Get more channels, More Connections, More Sales

Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your character’s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.