In MeChat Universe you are either becoming iconic or freeloading off someone else’s vision and hard work.


- leech off the system,

- is only around for your winning with tainted solutions for the journey, and

- is the torpedo to your success.

The solution to freeloaders is to build a financial fortress around your assets to help you protect the world you create from any freeloaders that pose a risk.

🛑 To succeed, DON’T BUILD ALONE!!!

Recruit other players to help you form a business empire that can withstand attacks, while helping you build up your money chest, connections, community and resources.

To get started building a fortress in MeChat Universe, simply select the industry and location that you want to build in.

See you at Graduation!

MeChat Universe World Building Committee. 💚💙💚💙

This page is for educational purposes only and represents our roadmap to success. Please Login or invest in Virtual Real Estate to get started.