Photo: Coutesy We have been as a continent concentrating too much on the girl child to a point our boy child and young men have been left behind. Truth is, our boys and men are also being sexually assaulted! Big time! Theirs is worse because in Maasailand the rule is "A MAN SHOULD NOT CRY", " MEN SHOULD HAVE A THICK SKIN" ; most especially those who have graduated to man-hood and have been titled to be "morans" i.e. warriors. They suffer in the hands of the perpetrators and die from within. How do we exactly help these men? i. Let men be human: They are not devoid of feelings; if they want to cry for heaven's sake let them be allowed to. Them holding their emotions in is like having a silent volcano that erupts in ways unspeakable and at times irreversible. ii. Offer support: Let them know that you are there to offer them CONFIDENTIAL space to pour their heart out. This may have to be away from the home environment where even if they cry nobody will notice. iii. Offer assurance: It is about time that our men are assured of their importance in our lives. This whole women empowerment issue is bringing some communal imbalance which is more disadvantageous to our male gender. iv. Let them know it is okay: It is okay to get hurt; it is okay to fail as long as you pick yourself up and keep moving. More tips to our men? Comment down below #iampriceless #