Photo: Courtesy As we look into a large number of girls' in the vast Maasailand that are going through the trauma of early pregnancy, one thing has come clear, they, at their young age do not know how to respond to sexual assault situations. Some of the tips I give them are; i. Go for his eyes and nose: If an assaulter gets a hold of you, look for every opportunity to poke his eyes. Considering the area, if it is a bushy area, grab a handful of soil and hurl at him. You can also target his nose. The nasal bone is one of the most painful to attack. Within seconds as he struggles to come to; observe the area run as fast as you scream. ii. Go for his groin: Try as much as possible to hit his groin area as hard as you can. This will inflict unbearable pain and as he wails ensure you observe the area and run as you scream. iii. Scream: You maybe be traumatized and scared but you need to scream for help. There are assaulters who have been reported to stop when they realize you have screamed loud enough. Remember this is not a negotiation situation SCREAM!! iv. Get a police report: Even if it is an attempted sexual assault situation you have to report it. If your parents feel it will be too much stigma, take it upon yourself and get it reported through the children's department. Once the assailant knows that a report has been made, it is one of the ways to keep them off. Do you have more tips we can add to the list. Please do add in the comments.