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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce to be filmed for the final season of KUWTK

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce

Article By Komal Tahir

January 21, 2021, 4:24 pm

This is no surprise that these celebrities are taking their private matters in front of the public for the first time. As they always keep their fans posted about their life, Kim Kardashian is right now saving the details of their divorce to film in the final season. 

All around the world people are hearing about the divorce of Kim and Kanye West. We are hearing a lot of rumors from a lot of time as the couple was not living a happy marriage. Page 6 was the first one that brought in the news about the couple and parents of four children who have decided to apart their ways. Rumors said that “Kim has grown up a lot and she is serious about taking the bar exam and become a lawyer”. She also wants to take the prison reform campaign. Meanwhile, Kanye talks about running an election campaign and be the president. Kim had enough of this crazy shit and she decided that the marriage is going to end!

TMZ also claimed that the couple has been in marriage counseling for several months as they decided to give a final shot to save it. Both had enough while resolving their issues and that’s when the news confirmed that their marriage was over. A source also said that,

“Kim has known that this marriage is over for a long time as the couple wasn’t spending so much time together. They were just there for the kids and now they both know for a while that they are going to be separated”.

However, both of the celebrities have kept their silence on this issue. And, now we can understand why they aren’t answering the reasons behind their divorce. As they wanted to keep this secret a juicy story for their final season. 

Kim has been posted pictures with and without her wedding ring which made the people confused that whether they are getting back together or not. The day before the report of their divorce was out, she uploaded a picture to promote her Skims. Her wedding ring was not to be seen which all the followers of Kim know that she never takes it off. But immediately, after seeing the craze of people realizing that the couple is going to get divorced, she stepped in L.A. wearing her wedding ring. At that moment, people realized that this is all about keeping the secret for a few months before the season is out. 

And why not? For 14 years, the whole family has followed the tradition of giving the media the gossip before any big reveal. And now, when it’s the final season they have thoughtfully kept this to increase the drama before the season ends. All the followers of the season and this family and anxiously waiting for the final season now which has made the release of this season a bigger hit than before. The major storyline of this season is based on the marital problems and separation of Kim and Kanye. 

So, we can stay that this season is coming out with a big bang. They have even started filming the final season two weeks ago. Everyone is involved in a nondisclosure agreement as the season will release later in 2021. The executive producer of KUWTK also confirmed that due to their last foray the Kardashians family want to go with a bang. The fan of this season is heartbroken and they thought that the Kardashians will create a new reality show with their deal with Hulu. But Kim told their fans they are done filming their lives forever. Now, they have different mindsets and new goals to complete. 

The Kardashians family have surely made a lot of ideas and planned a lot of things for the final events. This has been such a strong franchise and people always expect Kardashians to bring the best out of their lives. So, this is just a feeling, that they stacked up a lot of ideas that will involve everyone bringing something different and interesting for the viewers. We are sure that this time it is going to be different and now we have to wait so long to finally see the trailer of season 20 detailing Kimye’s marriage. 

This would be Kim’s third divorce. Previously she hired Wasser for her divorce from the basketball player Kris Humphries. Wasser has a name in the legal industry who has represented Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Johnny Depp. 

Kim and Kanye got married in 2014 in Italy. Now, the beautiful marriage has ended with four children: daughter North who is 7 years old, son Saint 5 years old, daughter Chicago who turns 3 next week, and their recently born son Psalm 19 months old. Let’s see what the couple states or show us in the upcoming season. 

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