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James Charles shaved his head or not?

James Charles coming with a big bang

Article By Komal Tahir

February 15, 2021, 1:50 am

James Charles is the go-to fellow for anything makes up related. The 21-year-old social media star burst onto the scene when he was just 16, and at 17 years old, he turned into the principal male envoy for CoverGirl. With CoverGirl, he has had the chance to work with brand envoy Katy Perry. The independent makeup master is right now truly outstanding in the realm of excellence.

He posts makeup and excellent beauty tutorials to his self-named YouTube channel, which has procured more than 24 million subscribers. He did Kylie Jenner's Halloween makeup in an October 2018 video that got one of his most seen posts. In April 2020, he dispatched his excellent beauty show Instant Influencer.

He has hobnobbed with the absolute greatest big names on the planet, including Kim Kardashian and Shawn Mendes. Despite his prosperity, James has battled with different everyday issues. This piece will see James' convoluted love life and the debates that never appear to disappear. As of now, we can affirm that James is single.

James Charles has clarified that he needs a boyfriend, however, it's not as simple for the online media star as you'd suspect. He disclosed to Entertainment Tonight in November 2018;

"I don't have time. I simply need a boyfriend like, at present. I would prefer not to stay here and look through individuals and messages to and fro… I am sister single, consistently, shockingly for me. Be that as it may, I am continually trying, regardless of my parched remarks and stuff."

James Charles is changing it up. On Thursday, after sharing that his Instagram Story posts had been "slacking so bad recently' the magnificence beauty influencer, appeared something energizing for his fans: a shaved head.

Hours after his unique post, Charles prodded the change, posting a selfie with red scrawls covering the highest point of his head. "Stand by until you all see how I managed my hair… " he composed close by the shot, later proceeding to post photographs from a night out in which his bare head was completely noticeable.

Maintaining the emphasis on his assertion making a new look, Charles wore a plain dark sweater for the excursion, which he decorated with a coordinating coat and a chain necklace.

In a video taken from that evening, Charles demanded that his shaved head was the genuine article and that his fans would have the option to watch the change on his YouTube Channel.

In a YouTube video shared by photographic artist Kevin Wong named "James Charles Goes BALD," the influencer discloses to Wong that he's "simply having a go at something new."

"It's genuine," he later added. "Just did it today." Charles proceeded to guarantee that he shaved his head himself and that he shot "the whole thing." Photos of a bare Charles immediately turned into a viral sensation, moving on Twitter and commanding the notice of about six webs renowned "Minecraft" players, including Dream, one of the quickest developing makers on the stage.

The answers from the gaming YouTubers supported the reaction to Charles' new look, particularly since players like Dream and Quackity have colossal fanbases that adoration to drift on Twitter. For some time, a portion of the players' answers to Charles' tweet even had a bigger number of preferences than the first.

From a good way and with a hefty Instagram channel, it seemed like Charles had shaved his head. Yet, after a nearer assessment, most fans started saying that the look was in all likelihood a detailed prank. Many called attention to that Charles' head seems to have a surface like a wig cap, which has a past filled with being utilized for YouTube "shaving my head bare" tricks.

It's additionally far-fetched that a delight YouTube stars like Charles, who has a steady look and fashion awareness, would accomplish something as intense as shaving his head.

Adding to the discussion, various well-known appearances have additionally said something regarding Charles' change. "at the point when you face timed me to show me... my pant could be heard around the globe," composed buddy and individual influencer Manny MUA on Twitter.

"James just joined the bareheaded detachment," added current RuPaul's Drag Race contender Gottmik. Regardless of whether Charles had shaved his head, there were heaps of images about the alleged trick, including fan tweets that contrasted Charles with Jeff Bezos, the Mr. Clean mascot, and more. Charles himself has been reposting a considerable number of memes on his own Twitter account.

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