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Experiencing the best places to visit in Netherlands

Best places to visit in Netherlands

Article By Komal Tahir

January 23, 2021, 12:01 am



Life is too short to visit all the beautiful places in the world, so you should always start with the places that offer you the most memorable experiences full of fun and entertainment. And, if you ask me, I won’t suggest a place other than the Netherlands. A small country in Europe, but has the best places that you must visit at least once in your life. In this article, you will learn about the best places to visit in Netherlands and how I enjoyed my experience being there. 

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, is a world-famous dream spot for almost all the travel-loving people in the world. The climate of Amsterdam was one thing that I enjoyed the most during my visit. Amsterdam has numerous spots for sightseeing, and they are all always filled with a tremendous number of tourists. Here is a list of some of the most exquisite places that I visited, and I suggest you to must visit them on your Amsterdam tour.

  • Van Gough Museum

Van Gough Museum is an art and history museum dedicated to the work of infamous artists and painter Vincent Van Gough. It was established in 1973 and is located in Southern Amsterdam. I felt so delighted by seeing many paintings that were all depicting a deep message. Van Gough Museum houses the largest number of paintings and artwork of Vincent van Gough and enjoys the visitation of millions of people every year. 

  • Anne Frank House

Another interesting place I visited was this house dedicated to the famous wartime diarist Anne Frank known as the Anne Frank House. Her incredible work was published in 1947, which was regarding Nazi oppression in World War 2. The house was established in 1960 and preserved the hiding place of Anne Frank and all her valuable work during the Great War. It is visited by many historians and the public who love to study history and appreciate the work of Anne Frank.

  • Rijksmuseum 

It is another city’s famous museum in the Rijksmuseum, which consists mostly of the art associated with the history of Amsterdam. I felt so astonished to find out that the museum was housing an incredible amount of 8000 objects regarding the art and history of the city. Besides that, it also has some collections from Asia displayed in its Asian pavilion. Travelers visit this museum in large numbers, and its research library and restaurant just add up to its fame.

  • Bloemenmarkt

Amsterdam is a lot more than just museums! I would recommend you buy some of the gorgeous tulip bulbs and tulip paraphernalia from there, and they will make your day for sure.

  • Dam square

Dam square is a beautiful place full of classic buildings representing some of the most splendid architecture in Amsterdam. I bet that you will feel a need a have a photoshoot in front of those awesome buildings there because I couldn’t resist doing that at all.

  • Koninklijk

One of the main reasons why you must see Amsterdam is its Royal Palace of Netherlands, known as Koninklijk. Just situated in the west of Dam Square, I discovered the most unique architecture there, and it is famous for being one of the most beautiful buildings in the Netherlands, so make sure you don’t miss this one out.

2. Zaanse Schans

 Zaanse Schans is one of the top places to visit in Netherlands. I felt fond of this place because of its well-known aesthetic magnificence and scenic value. A great collection of windmills and antique houses was a treat for my eyes. I’d recommend you check this place out in the evening.

3. Haarlem

Haarlem is another of the beautiful places in Netherlands. The city is well-known for its startling infrastructure and architecture. It consists of many historical museums and art galleries that represent art science and natural history. I enjoyed the infamous theatre, film, and culture centers that are all saturated throughout the city. The city also holds the privilege to host a significant number of cultural festivals, and due to that, it has an immense amount of visitation. Moreover, if you’re into sports, then I’d recommend you to visit Haarlem as it hosts a lot of sports events as well.

4. Zandvoort aan Zee 

 Zandvoort aan Zee beach is just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam if you take a train. I loved getting there and relaxing under the vast cloudy sky of the Netherlands. If you’re a sea-food lover, then there’s not a better place than this in the whole Netherlands. I would suggest you visit the beach in the late afternoon if you want to enjoy its facilities the most. I’d rate this to be one of the best places in Netherlands.

5. What to eat in the Netherlands? 

In case you visit Netherlands, don’t eat mainstream fast food; instead, go for the traditional Dutch items like the Bitterballen and Stroopwafels. I really found the taste of these Dutch food items so delicious and mouth-watering, and anyone who tries them becomes a fan almost instantly. I’d highly recommend you try these items in the Netherlands and go for other Dutch cheese products that the Netherlands is very well famous for. 

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