The Good Life that doesnโ€™t stop giving

MeChat provides the tools to let Content Creators create a Good Life for themselves. MeChat is the #1 self-reporting news outlet for daily breaking news, sharing stories, and publishing podcasts. MeChat empowers the review, debate, discussion, and gossiping within the Global Majority community and across world affairs.

What do you get with MeChat?


Curation templates


Build your own brand or Support your favorite creators by subscribing to their newsroom.

Passive income

Promote your gossips and make real cash.

Free Daily News

Explore whatโ€™s going on in the world or type your area code in the search and Discover inspiration from things happening in your local community.


Lost in the sauce? We can help with quick lessons on branding, marketing, and more.

A mobile Newsroom

Promote when you want and where you want with your own mobile newsroom. Publish on the go with our easy to use content editor.

When you need to promote something, MeChat is your bullhorn to the world.

Basic Functions Included

Subscribe to People

If you like content from a Content Creator then subscribe to them.

Search Gossip

Our powerful search engine allows you to quickly look up news, articles, and gossip from around the world.

Gossip by Topics

Switch channels by switching discussions.

My Gossips

To see posts from people you subscribe to go to MyGossip.

Top 4 Ways to use Your Mobile Newsroom

1. Get the news:

  • Get daily breaking news
  • Find community events
  • Debate trendy topics
  • Search for historical periodicals and newsworthy topics

2. Write and Publish Four Types of Gossip:

3. Get seen:

  • Promote a product
  • Announce an album release
  • Build an online presence
  • Get Subscribers to boost popularity

4. SEO Best Practices

  • Get 4 types of gossips (blurbs, articles, press announcements, and podcasts)
  • Share through text, email, or social media
  • Get your own Press Room with its own url that you can quickly give to hollywood producers, A&Rs, journalists
  • Satisfy shareholders, investors, PR, SEO, and Marketing agencies

A New Type of Social Network

Launch your own Newsroom ๐Ÿš€

Your community bulletin board for adding your own local news

Send Press Releases,

Report the News,

and subscribe

to News Rooms.


***Risk Free. No Credit Card Needed.

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More Features


Instant message other Content Creators.

NEW!!! Add Media

Now add images/gifs, video, and introducing audio to any gossip. Click images for HD resolution.

Comment & Emojis

Push the Black Power Fist, share button, or share button on any gossip to start gossiping with other people around the world.

Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your characterโ€™s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.