Common Community Questions

  • What’s new from the old MeChat?
    1. Stronger encryption = increased privacy
    2. Live broadcasting
    3. Upload media, including audio
    4. New emoji reactions
    5. ReShare any Gossip
    1. Stay current on life and Social Network at the same time. Users receive their own profile, mailbox, and ability to monetize their profile by getting subscribers.
    2. A single global timeline: keep up with gossip from around the world.
    3. Black owned
    4. Veteran owned
    5. Limited Algorithms: we don’t choose content for you. We simply deliver it.
  • believes there is growth in dialogue. Embrace the act of arguing your positions and defending your social issues. aim to inform, inspire, educate, and challenged first amendment suppression and provide a mental release by providing a platform that captures the authentic side of the story straight from the supports your right to say and publish whatever you consider as important, vital, or entertaining.

  • Anyone who respects free speech, doesn’t disrespect black people, and seeks to interact with a diversified world. Although we are Black owned and Veteran owned, is for professional news organizations to your average joe looking to pass some time, is an open platform for the global public.

  • Depends on what you’re posting. It is FREE to gossip but uploading media takes resources and virus protection that costs us a lot of money; so, if you want to post more than pure gossip and include media to your gossip then you will need to add gossip storage to your account.

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