Start a Business to Become a member

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Every member in MeChat Universe is a business owner. As a member you can start a business, join other virtual spaces, collaborate with other members, earn business revenue, and play business games to increase your knowledge, relationships, and rewards.

Members Get:

  • Verified as a business owner
  • Unlimited Access to Mainstreet
  • Unlimited Access to MeChat Universe map
  • Businesses Startups Courses 101
  • Business Plans
  • Sales and Business Development Tools
  • Marketing Systems
  • Personal Finance Tools
  • Video How Tos
  • 1:1 Business Support
  • Financial Literacy Content
  • Weekly and monthly live calls

Members Generate Additional Income By Becoming A Verified Member?

Its one thing to become a member you join a verified group of entrepreneurs with unlocked potential.

Verified Members get:

  • Commission as partners up to 10%
  • Send larger amounts
  • Unlocked virtual wallet restrictions

Virtual Spaces become Virtual co-op spaces That you Own

When you are a member, other members can visit your virtual space to collaborate, Brainstorm, and you solve business challenges

MeChat is a Transformative Think tank where you can collaborate with your teams, peers, and project groups of 2 or more.

CO-OP Perks:

  • Create a 1-year Operating Budget with Financial Projections for Free
  • Virtual workplace to keep your team digitally connected regardless of their physical location
  • Array of tools designed to foster collaboration and Productivity
  • Tools to monitor the performance of every aspect of your space
  • Project management tools: Calendar, Gantts, etc.
  • Newsfeeds to keep the team on point
  • Basic contract agreements
  • Fine tune your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Take payment in-person or own line with a Virtual Pop-up shop

Attend Meetings

All Members get access to the internal workings of MeChat Universe

  • Perform Civic Duties to Keep the Community Growing
  • Completely Online
  • Call-ins Welcome
  • Get to exercise 1 Vote on matters presented
  • Participate in the day to day of MeChat Universe
  • Hosted by members

Entertainment Passes

  • Members automatically get reimbursed for City Passes, and other events around their city
  • Free Access to All MeChat Universe Events

Business & Social Clubhouse Use

As MeChat universe opens local country clubs, such as Business & Social Clubhouses, Members will be able to take advantage.

  • Rent the club facilities for private events, such as birthday parties or wedding receptions.
  • Clubhouses also make excellent meeting locations
  • Attend official events at the club house
  • Discount on clubhouse services

Are You a New Or Emerging Entrepreneur?

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Do you have an Existing Business?

MeChat Universe has a membership to help your business reach the next level

Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your character’s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.